Peak Aviation, The New Maule Distributor in Africa

By Juri Keyter

Who will forget the Maule landing on a busy road of a small town to buy a six-pack of beer in the movie “The Cannonball Run” starring Burt Reynolds in 1981? In this sequence a Maule M-5 demonstrated its short take-off and landing capabilities and it is probably the reason why the producers used the Maule for the movie's opening sequence in the first place. “Gone Fishin” starring Danny Glover and “Speed 2” starring Sandra Bullock were two other action-packed movies in 1997 featuring amphibious Maule Aircraft.

If you have not seen Maule in the movies, I am sure you have heard the stories about Alaskan Maule pilots flying out of places most other aircraft and pilots would not tempt. Everyone who has flown a Maule will vouch that it is truly one of the most talented short-field airplanes and that its reputation is absolutely deserved.

The most well-known trick up the Maule's sleeve is what some refer to as the “Jump Take-off” and this manoeuvre separates the men from the boys when it comes to aircraft performance. Balls to the wall, brakes off, lift the tailwheel, count to four, pull in two notches of flaps and rotate hard!! This famous Maule procedure will result in a very short ground-roll followed by a 40 degree pitch attitude.

Depending on your requirements or expected operating conditions, Maule will have a model for you. Engine options range between 180hp, 235hp and 260hp. Different avionics packages are available and a factory installed camera hole for surveying work is also an option.

Unique features of Maule are the four doors and the quick removal of the rear passenger seats for large volume loading.

From a safety perspective, Maule aircraft are based on a 4130 chromoly tubular truss construction airframe with 3 point inertia reel shoulder harnesses, a 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT), an audible and visual stall warning indicator, dual control yokes, dual rudder pedals and toe brakes, a four position fuel selector valve and a heated pitot tube.

If it is a truly versatile and cost effective aircraft you are after, a Maule is for you. Going camping with your Maule, visiting your construction site or flying to your favourite holiday destination, Maule will get you there!!

The good news is that Peak Aviation is now the authorised Maule distributor on the African continent offering Maule Aircraft sales, spare parts and cost effective maintenance right here on our doorstep.

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