Safety First Aviator Campaign by the Aero Club Of SA - Part 2

By The Aero Club of South Africa

In Aviation Ego has no place. History shows us time and time again with great pain and suffering that our ego unchecked leads to many chains of events that result in an accident. Pilots in the recreational environment are men and women that are go getters, they are above average income earners, normally entrepreneurs, company heads or in some sort of management position. Together they are used to being in charge and going with their vision and decisions and often are poor at listening to or taking advice. A-type personalities are the bulk of our pilot family and with this come the very thing that aviation can do without, our Egos. Egos often inhibit clear thinking, affect our judgment and decision making. History shows us that as soon as there is a “I can do it better” or a “ Let me show you” or a thought of “it won't happen to me” then our Ego is brought down to earth in an often devastating manner.

All aviators should make the active decision to check their egos at the entrance to an airfield or flying site. Aviation, no matter if you have 50 or 5000 flight hours, involves continual learning and the passing of advice and acceptance of advice. We all need to be mature in our dealings with fellow pilots and aviators, allowing criticism and guidance to be accepted positively and for us to work upon these constructively to become a Safety first pilot.

We must be honest with ourselves about our true ability and skill level and operate within them. When we wish to advance we must push the boundaries but in small and calculated steps with no ego involved. Hopefully in this we can see some of the influence of our own Egos in our actions and do all that we can to eradicate them when we take to the skies in whatever craft we choose to feed our passion of aviation.


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