Safety First Aviator Campaign by the Aero Club Of SA - Part 5

By Aero Club of South Africa

Year on year especially during the holiday periods we see the impact with terrain and obstacles coming to the fore. Often it is taken for granted the actual skills that are required for low flight. Often low flying happens on the spur of the moment without certain self-preservation rules being adhered to. Often without knowledge of the real dangers and observations needed to make this safe.

Low flight in itself is not dangerous. However it is not often planned and conducted in a safe manner. “Fly bys” and “beat ups” normally happen where there is a gathering of people and this is when the Showmanship aspect comes into play and again the “ego” aspects. Often part of the reason for flying low over a crowd and over a beach gathering is really for us to say “hey check us out” check how cool we are” where in reality all is okayish until we impact.

Remember our idea of looking cool is often other's idea of “there flies an idiot.”
We need to think about the “off the cuff” decisions made and how we approach our low flights. It again reverts to us aviators to display good airmanship and live the safety first aviator credos. Have fun but plan any low flight carefully and with a full back up plan in place.

It is always the same old pilots and bold pilots, no old bold pilots. The history tells this tale - its time we learn from it.

Case: Athol Frans

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