MISASA Africa Cup - Hazyview September 2012

By Willie Bodenstein

In 1987 the South African microlight fraternity wanted to compete in the World Championships in France and so selected a team to compete. Sadly because of the apartheid regime in the country at the time the French rejected the application. The solution then was to hold a competition and invite pilots from the African continent to compete. This was to take place in Lesotho, one pilot from Swaziland attended and the rest were South African.

These days the competition is hosted to introduce pilots new and old alike to the enjoyment of competition flying. The event was held in Hazyview South Africa where the scenery is spectacular and the flying is even better.

Overall Winners

1st place: Hendrik Loots with 2200 points
2nd place: Theunis Botha with 2180 points
3rd Place: Nico Willemse with 2100 points

First Time pilots

1st place: Etteine Brown with 1630 points
2nd place: Gavin vd Berg & Rafiek Sallie with 1580 points
3rd place: Conrad du Preez with 1400 points

Other Awards During the Event

Airmanship: Chris Hare
Ribbon Cutting: Nico Willemse
4 minute circuit: Hendrik Loots
Spot Landing: Paul van Schalkwyk
Flour bombing: Paul van Schalkwyk
Gees: Paul van Schalkwyk

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