Reno In Die Vrystaat - Most Exciting Event This Year

By Juri Keyter

This was without doubt the most exciting event this year, the Parys Pylon Racing organized by Scully Levin and the members of Parys. Absolute blue skies, no clouds and a 15mph westerly breeze perfect for the descend into the wind while following the slope of the earth and the wind from behind on the back stretch to climb back over the higher ground. More than 60 aircraft flew in for the day and at least twice as many cars arrived for the spectacle. This was truly an event enjoyed by everyone present and they will all be back if it is hosted again.

Safety was of course a serious concern and was addresses during the safety briefing before the event commenced. The rules were however simple: if you have not flown around the course before the event then you may not participate, fly around the track as fast as you can while keeping the pylons on your inside. Originally it was planned to only have one aircraft flying the course at a time but when it became clear that there were much more interest than expected, it was decided to allow two or even four provided that they were evenly matched.

The homerun known as the “Valley of Speed” was right past the clubhouse and the crowd had a thrilling view of every aircraft as it gunned down to the last pylon. Some kept it reasonable high while others appeared to skim the grass.

RVs were probably the most represented but there was a wide range of aircraft competing on the day. Slow, fast, big, small, it did not matter, the event was for everyone. Even the regular airshow acts came and joined in the fun and excitement.

I will be extremely surprised if this event is not scheduled again soon and again at regular intervals. Although we all enjoy the airshows, this certainly adds a new twist to aviation entertainment.

Summary Video Package of the event

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