EAA 322 Peter Hengst Memorial Breakfast fly-in to Brits - 17 November 2012

By Karl Jensen

This fly-in was the 4th annual fly-in breakfast in remembrance of Peter Hengst who was a former Chairman of EAA Chapter 322. Peter Hengst was a proud partner with Chalkie Stobbart flying his Fairchild at 65 mph to Oshkosh in 1992 and also in his RV6 ZU-EAA to Oshkosh, Kitty Hawk and return for the Wright Brothers Centenary in 2003. Peter also owned a hangar at Brits which housed his two BŁcker Jungmans as well as his Piper Twin Comanche.

Hans Schwebel, a doyen of the Brits Flying Club, and noted precision rally flier had made two granite slabs with the names of members of BFC who have passed on to the big cockpit in the sky. These memorials were to be found behind the clubhouse until they were moved last week to a shady location under some stinkwood trees closer to the runway. Christel Hengst, Peter's widow who was present had donated a pretty stone bench for the site. About 20 EAA members and BFC people attended the short memorial while the clubhouse was filled with precision rallyists preparing for their flights. The rally was won by Hans Schwebel.

The Memorial Breakfast is an annual event which is scheduled for the 2nd Saturday in November every year.

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