For many 2012 has been an extremely trying and difficult year leaving some quite exhausted and 'champing at the bit' to make tracks for a hard earned and well deserved break. The December/ January holiday season has by nature a tendency to cause a mindset of euphoria and also impatience for people to get to where they want to be in search of a little stress relief. Tempers have a way of flaring at this time often resulting in discord amongst family members and others.

In the above paragraph some key words are highlighted;

'Champing at the bit'

Any one of these mindsets or conditions is sufficient to cloud a person's ability to make sound and safe decisions.
If a number of them prevail then think twice and very carefully before placing yourself in the pilot's seat with family and friends on board. If more than one of the above mindsets is lurking within then you are temporarily unfit to fly! You need to be aware of this and manage emotions in a rational way!

The 'SILLY SEASON' is exactly that. A chat with a member of any Emergency Services Unit will verify this and will outline to you the stupid and senseless accidents and things that people do on the roads, in public, at holiday resorts and even in their own homes that cause untold physical and emotional pain during this time.

It just so happens that this time of the year coincides with Summer thunderstorms and low cloud and precipitation over some of the most notorious terrain separating people from the interior regions of South Africa and popular coastal resorts.

These escarpment and mountainous regions have claimed many victims to Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT) and will continue to so if foolhardy and irrational decisions are made by pilots.

Never forget that flight conducted under Visual Flight Rules can and shall not be considered as a reliable mode of transport - 'If you've time to spare go by air.' This rule even applies to the Instrument Rated pilot operating the average light aircraft - go and study up on AWOPS to verify this! If you break the rules, then be prepared to pay the ultimate price - it's as simple as that!

GETTHEREITIS (also known as Gethomeitis) is a terrible disease that has afflicted many pilots and even some very good ones on occasions. This disease causes pilots to press on even though all reason and logic shows that the flight cannot be continued safely. The thing is that it is completely self inflicted and absolutely curable!!
Oh, one last thing! Do you really have to do that good bye fly past with your family and friends on board when departing on your trip back home? Why do you want to do this?
Ego maybe? Never seen an airliner do this, - wonder why?

Until next we meet:

Please, guys and Gals keep it safe!

Happy landings and safe holidays!

Chris Kyle - Training Track
Aviation Safety

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