Malloch's Spitfire - The Restoration of Spitfire PK350

By Nick Meikle

Spitfire F Mk 22 PK350 is to date the ONLY late mark Spitfire (Mk 21, Mk 22 & Mk 24) that has been re-built. Restored in Rhodesia in the late 1970s by the legendary Jack Malloch and his loyal engineers, PK 350 took to the air once again on 29 March 1980 with Jack Malloch at the controls.

"Malloch's Spitfire" is a complete history of this unique Spitfire and a part history of the SRAF/RRAF (Southern Rhodesia Air Force/Royal Rhodesian Air Force) during the time Spitfires were the principal fighter and advanced trainer, as well as of Jack Malloch himself.

It is also very much about the re-build itself and is a tribute to the outstanding job of Jack Malloch and his loyal engineers, in particular Dave Hann and the late Bob Dodds who managed the project. PK 350 was good as the day she first flew on 25 July 1945.

Tragically though, Jack Malloch lost his life on the 26th March 1982 whilst flying PK350 when he crashed during a photo shoot.

Spitfire stories have an enduring appeal and it is hoped that "Malloch's Spitfire. The Restoration of Spitfire PK350" will similarly appeal. Illustrated with a host of photographs and wonderful colour drawings, there is much to savour as memories are refreshed and some fascinating revelations are made.


Malloch's Spitfire. The Restoration of Spitfire PK350 will be published by 30 Degrees South Publishing in SA and Helion Publishers in the UK.

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