Foo Fighter-The story of a Titan T-51 Mustang

By Willie Bodenstein

Foo-Fighter, Rob McFie's Titan T-51 is a 2/3 to ¾ scale replica of the famous American air force 2nd World War fighter, the legendary P-51 Mustang. This particular replica is modelled after the 'D' variant, which is unarguably the most iconic version of the P-51.

The Titan T-51 is a kit aircraft produced by the Titan Aircraft Corporation in America. Rob bought it in 2008 and it was delivered later the same year, arriving in several boxes. The kit does not include the engine, instruments and all panels including the skinning of the wings and empennage are the responsibility of the builder. Rob had a purpose designed “hangar” built at his house. He had previously built an Eagle microlight as well as a Loehle Mustang, which is a wood and fabric replica of the P-51 whereas the Titan is of all aluminium construction.

Rob's Titan P-51 is fitted with a Mazda rotary engine (20B model) that is capable of developing 300 hp. With this engine Rob expects a cruise speed of 150-180 mph. The Mazda rotary is a remarkable capable engine with only 4 major moving parts. The water pump has been extensively modified to fit the narrow confines of the engine compartment and the coolant lines extend back to the belly scoop, as in the original aircraft.

The electrical system for the aircraft and engine makes use of a battery system unlike the magneto system commonly used in aircraft. Because this uses the more modern battery system the electrical system had to be designed to be failure tolerant and hence had 2 batteries that may be individually connected and controlled.

The elevator and ailerons are actuated via pushrods and the rudder uses cables. There are electrically actuated trim tabs on both the rudder and elevators.

Robs T-51 is 7.20 meters long and it stands 2.8 meters high and has a gross weight of 850 Kg. It stalls at 50 Kph with full flaps, has a range of 1200 Km with drop tanks and climbs at 2600 fpm. Vne is 385 Kph (239 mph) and service ceiling is 5487 meters.

On Saturday 20 April Robe held an open day at Nico Brandt's hangar at Tedderfield and 20 plus mostly members of EAA Chapter 322 attended to see the progress and superb workmanship that has gone into Rob's third built.

Rob hopes to have Foo Fighter in the air in time for the annual EEA Convention which is to be held during September 2013.

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