Midweek Update 23 May 2013

This week in Midweek Update

1 Weekend events
2 Forthcoming events
3 KZN Winter Tour
4 Brian Emmenis profile Q&A
5 Springbok Classic Air scenic flights
6 1st Boeing P-8I maritime patrol aircraft arrives in India
7 Barnstormers RC Club Vintage Fly in
8 Exclases Russia Signs Contract for Five AW139 Helicopters
9 Sports Aerobatics Club Free State regional competition


What's happening this weekend? ,

22-26 May. Presidents Trophy Air Race, Oudshoorn. E-mail roblena@mweb.co.za
25 May. Baberton Airshow. E-mail cc@bushair.co.za
28 May. Kalahari Bundu Bash. E-mail kalaharibundubash@gmail.com

Save the dates.

1 June .New Castle Airshow. E-mail
6-8 June. Zimnavex. E-mail henson@zol.co.zw
7-9 June. Carnarvon Mini Airshow. E-mail andersonr@mweb.co.za Details below for the KZN Winter Tour
15-17 June. SAPFA Precision Nationals, Kitty Hawk. E-mail: maryd@expandingbranding.co.za
16-22 June: SA National Paragliding Championships, Barberton. E-mail: wayne@sowell.co.za
21-23 June. NAC Piston Fly-Away, Kimberley. E-mail: marketing@nac.co.za
See below for the KZN Winter Tour
3-7 July. Sports Aerobatics National, Hoespruit. E-mail: change@mweb.co.za
20 July. Taildraggers and Fun & Precision Rally, Nylstroom. E-mail: maryd@expandingbranding.co.za
27 July. Pylon Time Trials, Parys. E-mail: flyboys@global.co.za
27 July. 9th annual fly in, Hippo Pools Resort, Hoedspruit. Airstrip. For more: http://www.hippopools.co.za/flying_runway.htm


KZN Winter Air Tour.

Newcastle - 1 June 2013 Mkuze - 8 June 2013
Ulundi -15 June 2013 Richards Bay - 22 June 2013
Pietermaritzburg - 29 June 2013 Margate - 6 July 2013
Durban - 13 July 2013

Don't miss out on the action. Tickets will be available at www.kznwinterairtour.co.za or can be purchased on the day. For more information email info@kznwinterairtour.co.za or visit ww.kznwinterairtour.co.za


Brian Emmenis profile Q&A

Being the second oldest airshow in the world, the Durban Airshow is a very special South African event and seen as Mecca for aviation enthusiasts, adrenalin junkies and adventure-seeking families nationwide. Brian Emmenis is the show's chief commentator and owns Capital Sounds, the company that hosts the show on behalf of the Durban Wings Club and KZN Winter Air Tour.

How long have you been involved with the Durban Airshow?

I have been involved with every Durban Airshow since 1985. It was by chance that three members of the organising committee for that year attended my very first airshow in Welkom. Durban was my second airshow and ever since then I have been involved with airshows all around Africa as well as many major centres around the world.

What does the Durban Airshow mean to you?

It is a kind of annual pilgrimage where old friends catch up. As a commentator, the crowds are always an absolute pleasure to commentate for.

How has the Durban Airshow grown and changed over the years?

In the late eighties the show had a lot of the old acts such as knocking over skittles with a crop-sprayer and racing a car against a helicopter. Then we saw the era of the big jets such as Boeing 747's doing low fly-pasts. We also saw a lot of military participation in the form of the Mirage F1CZ and the Cheetah.

From 2000 onwards we have seen more aerobatic aircraft with the military displays being completely scaled down.

Why are events such as the Durban Airshow so important?

Events like the Durban Airshow and others on the KZN Winter Air Tour are effectively bringing aviation to the people. I think that it is vital that people become aware of the various careers in aviation and what opportunities regional airports can offer to the industry. There is no better place to market these careers and showcase facilities at an airport than at airshows. Ticket prices are kept to a minimum and proceeds made go straight back into development and maintenance of the various airports.

How have airshows changed over the years? What has precipitated this?

The airshow industry has changed dramatically because everything has become highly regulated due to the number of aviation accidents that have occurred around the world. There are now many rules and regulations that govern airshows to ensure that these events meet the highest safety standards.

Why is the Durban Airshow show so important for Durbanites?

The Durban Airshow is important as it brings the who's who of aviation to the city as well as a huge amount of marketing through the print, radio and television media. It has also become a historical event that fathers can take their kids to and share stories of when they first came to the same airshow. There aren't that many of these long standing events out there and we want to keep this one alive and going.

What is your most memorable Durban Airshow moment?

My most memorable Durban airshow moment was calling on the owner of a motor vehicle to move this vehicle as he had parked behind a fuel bowser. When the owner did not turn up I called upon Court Helicopters to assist me with a massive helicopter. We lifted the car out of the fuel bay area and subsequently dropped it in the sea. There was a huge roar as the car plummeted into the Indian Ocean.

Later on I informed the crowds that this had all been a part of the show.

Are there any other highlights to speak of?

Each airshow that I do in Durban has a highlight. I am very lucky to work with a ten-man crew of highly trained members. They fulfill the roles of producer, co-commentator, researcher and equipment riggers. We roll out nearly 2km of cable and make use of close on thirty loudspeakers to ensure that the system works well.

Upcoming Springbok Classic Air Scenic Flights

01 June 2013 - Return flight to Parys Airfield Depart at 07:00, return at 13:00.
R880.00 per person (breakfast excluded) Guests can either enjoy breakfast at the airfield restaurant or plan their morning in the town.

29 June 2013 10:00 - 20 minute scenic flights over Johannesburg
We depart from Hangar 5 at Rand Airport, take off and fly in a westerly direction, passing to the south of Johannesburg CBD. We then turn above Gold Reef City and head in a northerly direction with Soccer City on our left. We cross over Northcliff Ridge and then turn east, to the south of North Gate Dome, and pass to the south of Monte Casino. Then we turn south, opposite Megawatt Park, passing east of Sandton City and across Wanderers and Ellis Park before returning to Rand Airport.

Book your seat for the flight with Ronéll Myburgh:
Tel: Landline +27 11 824 2142; Mobile +27 82 779 9421 or E-mail: info@springbokclassicair.co.za


1st Boeing P-8I Maritime Patrol Aircraft Arrives in India

Indian Navy to receive 2 more P-8Is by end of 2013

SEATTLE, May 15, 2013 - The first Boeing [NYSE: BA] P-8I long-range maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft arrived today, on schedule, at India Naval Station Rajali. The P-8I is one of eight aircraft Boeing is building for India as part of a contract awarded in 2009.

“Boeing is proud to deliver this advanced aircraft to meet the Indian Navy's unique maritime patrol requirements,” said Chris Chadwick, president of Boeing Military Aircraft. “The P-8I team, which includes our customer and Indian suppliers, has done a fantastic job working together, and we're on track to deliver the next two P-8I aircraft later this year."

Based on the Boeing Next-Generation 737 commercial airplane, the P-8I is the Indian Navy variant of the P-8A Poseidon that Boeing is developing for the U.S. Navy. The P-8I incorporates not only India-unique design features, but also India-built subsystems that are tailored to the country's maritime patrol requirements.


Barnstormers RC Club Vintage Fly in

Willie Bodenstein

On Sunday 28 April Barnstormers held one of its regular Vintage Fly ins at its field between Kempton Park and Bapsfontein.

Vintage radio control aircraft according to the Vintage RC Society (VRCS) an organisation based in the USA and dedicated to the preservation of radio control history: Any model airplane that employed radio control and was kitted, published or flown (attested to by the builder) and falls into one of the following classifications:
Pioneer: Prior to January 1, 1955, Classic: Prior to January 1, 1965 and Nostalgia: 35 years old prior to the first of each calendar year.

More than 20 aircraft were at the field and at times there were up to six of these classic and no doubt valuable models in the air all expertly flown by their pilots.

Barnstormers that has been in the Kempton area for years and years has regular events throughout the year with flying on almost all Saturdays and Sundays.


Exclases Russia Signs Contract for Five AW139 Helicopters
to be Supplied by HeliVert

HeliVert, a Russian Helicopters and AgustaWestland joint venture, and Exclases Russia are pleased to announce the signing of a contract between the JV and Exclases Russia for the supply of five AW139 helicopters which will be assembled at the HeliVert plant in Tomilino near Moscow. This contract, which includes a mix of five VIP and utility-configured helicopters, follows the first contract signed between HeliVert and Exclases Russia for Russian-built AW139 helicopters which includes an AW139 that is scheduled to be delivered in June. This purchase further expands the presence of the AW139 model in Russia where over 20 have been ordered so far and almost 50 across the CIS countries.

This medium multi-role helicopter is superior to all other twin-engine helicopters in its class in terms of speed, flight characteristics and passenger cabin size. Combining a streamlined fuselage, latest avionic equipment, spacious cabin and low acoustic signature, the AW139 sets a new standard in the market. The AW139 has a maximum cruise speed of 306 km/h, maximum range in excess of 927 km, maximum flight time of five hours and outstanding performance. It is the only helicopter in its weight class that can be equipped with a Full Ice Protection System (FIPS), which makes it possible to fly into known icing conditions. The AW139 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67C turboshaft engines, equipped with full-authority digital engine controls (FADEC) and each rated at 1,679 SHP for take-off. The maximum take-off weight is 6400 kg with an option of 6800 kg. The helicopter is configured for one or two pilots and can carry up to 15 passengers or 6-8 passengers in VIP/corporate transport configuration.

HeliVert is located in Russian Helicopters' National Helicopter Building Centre in Tomilino, Moscow region. The plant was constructed from scratch, and is now one of the most advanced facilities of the kind in Russia. According to the plans production of AW139 helicopters in Russia began in 2012. It is expected that up to 15-20 helicopters will be assembled annually. The number of personnel engaged in the production process will exceed 100 once maximum capacity is reached. The plant is intended to meet the growing demand for the AW139 in the Russian market as well as the CIS market in general. The first AW139 assembled in Tomilino performed its maiden flight in December 2012.


Sports Aerobatics Club Free State regional competition
Athol Franz

The Free State aerobatics competition was held at Parys airfield on Sunday 19 May in superb weather conditions with high cloud, but only a light westerly wind. This was an opportunity for me to become better acquainted with the scoring system as I spend some time with the judging teams.

Due to early morning overcast and fog the competition only got underway at 11h00 allowing time for most of the pilots to arrive at Parys airfield. The SAC has embarked on training new judges under the guidance of South Africa's chief judge John Gaillard at the mentor for this exciting sport. Judges on the day were: John Gaillard assisted by his wife, Laszlo Liszkay assisted by Kelly Macaulay, Peter Eagle assisted by Cliff Lotter, Geoff Sprenger assisted by Keaton Perkins, Bobby Holdcroft assisted by his son Jeremy Holdcroft and Vimal Pragdin assisted by Eron Hayes. The judges positioned themselves some distance from the main club house area and the competitors so that they would not be disturbed by the public.

Johnnie Smith had just taken delivery of his brand new Sbach fully certified; carbon fibre two-seat aerobatics plane ZS AXA, the third in South Africa and the 20th in the world - what a beauty! This aircraft is fitted with a Lycoming IO-580 315 hp driving a three-blade MT composite propeller and at the time the airframe had a total of four hours. The Sbach is certified for +10 and -10 Gs, weighs in at 640 Kg empty and has an all up weight of 999Kg. In his first outing in the new plane Johnnie recorded +9 and -4.5 Gs and described the Sbach “like flying a formula one car”. Because the nose is longer than the Slick, Johnnie describes landing as a slide slip towards the runway and then kicking the ruder straight before touch down. On collecting the Sbach from Rand airport a few days before Johnie said his first take-off was the same as when he met his first love in life.

Johnnie flew his Slick 360 in aerobatics competitions and airshows from 2007 to the start of 2013 and now the Slick is for sale.

1) Unlimited Nigel Hopkins MX2 N88MX 76.00 %
2) Unlimited Barrie Eeles Sbach ZS-BKT 68.77 %
3) Advanced Bertus Du Preez Slick 360 ZU-FEK 73.88 %
4) Advanced Charles Urban Extra 300 ZS-BDE 73.22 %
5) Advanced Cliff Pike Giles 202 ZU-TZT 70.36 %
6) Advanced Glen Warden Extra 300 ZS-CPC 69.51%
7) Advanced Elton Bondi Extra 300L ZS-DCR 69.31 %
8) Advanced Johnnie Smith Sbach ZS-AXA 66.77 %
9) Intermediate Steve Brown Slick 360 ZU-DXX 73.67 %
10) Intermediate Dieter Ebeling Extra 300 ZS-EXT 73.50 %
11) Intermediate Neville Ferreira Yak 52 ZU-CXK 70.63 %
12) Intermediate Stan Oliver Extra 300 ZS-AEC 68.17 %
13) Sportsman Jason Beamish Extra 300 ZS-EXT 72.49 %
14) Sportsman Larry Beamish RV 7 ZU-EYP 71.86 %
15) Sportsman Riaan Prinsloo Yak 18T ZU-BCK 68.76 %
16) Sportsman Ben Meyer Pitts S2B ZS-UTB 66.99 %

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