Midweek Update 4 July 2013

1 Weekend events.
2 Forthcoming events.
3 Oshkosh preview. Space night, moving the shuttle, jetman and military heroes.
4 DHL delivers nine gorillas back to the wild
5 Arthur Piercy, Project Dreamwings
6 Alenia Aermacchi to develop new basic-advanced trainer.
7 Airbus Military placed a third work package with South Africa's Denel Aerostructures
8 Sukhoi military programs presented at the 50th International Paris Air Show
9 Aircraft, car or both? Terrafugia Transition® Roadable aircraft to fly during EAA Airventure
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What's happening this weekend?

3-7 July. Sports Aerobatics National, Tzaneen. E-mail: change@mweb.co.za

6 July. Margate, KZN Tour. Email info@kznwinterairtour.co.za or visit ww.kznwinterairtour.co.za

6 July. SAAF Museum, Air Force day, AFB Zwartkops.


Save the dates.

13 July. Durban, KZN Tour. Email info@kznwinterairtour.co.za or visit ww.kznwinterairtour.co.za

19 to 21 July. Nylstroom Vliegklub . EAA Taildraggers' Fly-in. Evening braais and bonfires in this bushveld setting with camping facilities on the airfield and numerous B&B type accommodation in Nylstroom. Professional AFIS service on Saturday 20 July call sign 'Nylstroom Radio' on 120.2 Mhz. Further information from Richard Nicholson e-mail: rgn@pcwireless.co.za or call 082 490 6227. All aircraft are welcome!

20 July. Fun & Precision Rally, Nylstroom. E-mail: maryd@expandingbranding.co.za

27 July. Pylon Time Trials, Parys. E-mail: flyboys@global.co.za

27 July. 9th annual fly in, Hippo Pools Resort, Hoedspruit. Airstrip. For more: http://www.hippopools.co.za/flying_runway.htm

27 July East Rand Flying Club will be hosting its annual free fly-in breakfast from 08h00 onwards. Contact Paul Sabatier 082 413 4614 e-mail: paulsabatier@gmail.com

29 July to 4 August EAA's annual AirVenture to be held in Oshkosh USA. Camping on the airfield contact Neil Bowden. E-mail: neil1@telkomsa.net

9 & 10 August EAA of South Africa National Convention at Brits airfield. Contact Paul Lastrucci: 082 822 7018 E-mail: paul@airpowersa.co.za

9 to 11 August SAPFA Precision Team training at Brits airfield: Contact Mary de Klerk E-mail: maryd@expandingbranding.co.za or visit: www.sapfa.org.za

10 & 11 August Sport Aerobatics NW Regionals - Klerksdorp. Contact Annie Boon E-mail: chunge@mweb.co.za

9 to 11 August Race of Champions - Ulundi airport KZN. Contact Chris Briers 082 568 7988 or Mariska 082 253 5823 at AirTeam. Entry details and conditions on the website: www.airrace.co.za

17 August SAPFA Gyrocopter Fun Rally at Kitty Hawk: Contact Mary de Klerk E-mail: maryd@expandingbranding.co.za or visit: www.sapfa.co.za

24 August Bela-Bela Falcons Flying Club - Neil Armstrong memorial fly in breakfast. Contact Pieter Roux 083 377 5227 or E-mail Info@justforfun.co.za

29 August to 1 September Cirrus Migration - CDC Aviation. Contact Deon Wentzel: 082 458 5719 or E-mail: deon@cdcaviation.co.za

30 & 31 August Bethlehem airshow. For more information contact Derek O'Connor 083 629 5242 derek@malutiskies.co.za

2 to 15 September World Precision Championships - Germany: Contact Mary de Klerk e-mail: maryd@expandingbranding.co.za or got to: www.sapfa.org.za

Sunday 29 September Grand Rand airshow. Contact Carolyn Naude 011 827 8884 e-mail: carolyn@randairport.co.za

28 & 29 September Sport Aerobatics Cape Regionals - Mossel Bay Contact Annie Boon e-mail: chunge@mweb.co.za

For the full 2013 calendar go to events calendar.


Space night, moving the shuttle, jetman and military heroes part of EAA Airventure evening programs

EAA AVIATION CENTER, OSHKOSH, Wis. - (June 27, 2013) - Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut who became a YouTube sensation earlier this year with his “Space Oddity” music video from the International Space Station, will be among the “Space Night” presenters on Tuesday evening, July 30, during the evening programs at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013.

“Space Night” is one highlight of a week of evening programs at EAA's Theatre in the Woods, which features aviation and other personalities in programming specifically aimed at aviation enthusiasts. The evening programs are included with AirVenture admission and are sponsored by Mars Snack Foods.

The July 30 “Space Night” presentation will feature Hadfield - whose YouTube video posted in May 2013 has surpassed 16 million views worldwide - along with former Space Shuttle Commanders Charlie Precourt and Kent Rominger (now with aerospace company ATK) to talk about the end of the Space Shuttle program and the future of manned space travel.

“EAA members and AirVenture attendees have always been eager to hear in-depth about famous and innovative achievements during our evening programs at Theatre in the Woods,” said Jim DiMatteo, EAA's vice president of AirVenture features and attractions. “This year's line-up is a tremendous mix of aviation history, accomplishments, and what's ahead in the future.”

Other confirmed evening programs at Theatre in the Woods include:

Wednesday, July 31 - “Bringing the Space Shuttle West: An Evening with David Knight”: Knight was a key figure on the team that brought the Space Shuttle Endeavor from Florida to the California Science Center in Los Angeles. He also led the 150-person film crew the chronicled the most complex move of an object through an urban area in history. His presentation includes unreleased film footage from Endeavor's last mission and the journey to her new home.

Thursday, Aug. 1 - Yves “Jetman” Rossy: Learn about the development of Rossy's unique flight suit that has allowed him to fly over mountains, in formation with fighter jets, and through the Grand Canyon. Rossy's presentation provides more background to the multiple flights he is making during EAA AirVenture.

Friday, Aug. 2 - “American Warriors”: This special program is a fitting ending to a full day of AirVenture' “Salute to Veterans” activities that honour veterans and current military members. The special guests will include top-level military honourees and pilots.


DHL delivers nine gorillas back to the wild

The gorillas were transported 9,000 km, departing from the UK to Brussels, and flown in a specially equipped Boeing 767 to Lagos, Nigeria, and then onto Franceville, Gabon

LIBREVILLE, Gabon, June 26, 2013/ -- In a unique conservation initiative in partnership with The Aspinall Foundation, DHL (http://www.dhl.com), the world's leading logistics company, has delivered a family of nine silverback gorillas from Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent to the Batéké Plateau National Park, Gabon.

The gorillas were transported 9,000 km, departing from the UK to Brussels, and flown in a specially equipped Boeing 767 to Lagos, Nigeria, and then onto Franceville, Gabon. For the final leg of the journey they were flown in a helicopter to the national park in collaboration with the Gabonese authorities.

In addition to the animals, which have a combined weight of 620kg, no less than 1,200 kg of food and vets' equipment accompanied them on their journey home to the wild.

To accommodate the gorillas' transport schedule, DHL took two different aircraft out of commission and temporarily reconfigured its global network to ensure they could be delivered in as tight a timeframe as possible.

Western lowland gorillas are classed as a critically endangered species, and this is the first attempt ever at returning an entire family to its natural habitat. The Aspinall Foundation's “Back to the Wild” initiative is part of its on-going commitment to restock the wild with endangered and critically endangered species, following its uniquely successful programmes of captive breeding at its Kent wildlife parks.

Phil Couchman, CEO of DHL Express UK & Ireland commented: “It's no mean feat moving a family of nine gorillas across the world. This is an extremely important cause and a great logistical undertaking for DHL - our priority throughout the operation has been the safety and well being of the animals. “In working closely with The Aspinall Foundation, a world-leading conservation charity, to prepare for the move, we ensured the smoothest possible journey for the gorillas.

Charles Brewer, Managing Director for DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa, said, “Our dedicated “special delivery” team, which includes staff from across DHL's operation, from aircraft engineers to cargo handlers, security teams, pilots and drivers, have done an excellent job of ensuring the success of this project. We're delighted to have been of assistance to the gorilla family and we hope they enjoy their new home.”

Damian Aspinall, pioneering conservationist and Chairman of The Aspinall Foundation, said: “The Aspinall Foundation's Back To The Wild initiative is unique and comprises easily the most ambitious reintroduction of the critically endangered species into the wild ever undertaken anywhere in the world. We are delighted that DHL have so generously come on board as our partners in this important and exciting repatriation project.”


Arthur Piercy, 'Project Dreamwings

My name is Arthur Piercy and I reside in Pretoria, South Africa. I was a combat pilot for the South African Air Force flying the interceptor French Mirage F1.

In September 1987 in the south of Angola I was involved in a dog fight with two Mig 23's from the Angola Air Force. My aircraft was damaged by a missile fired from one of the Migs.

On landing the aircraft back at base the aircraft failed to stop and overshot the runway, hit a rock which in turn set the ejection seat off prematurely and I was ejected from the aircraft. Unfortunately the parachute failed to open before I hit the ground and I broke my neck. I am now a C6, C7 quadriplegic.

Being disabled has not been easy and I find it extremely difficult to stay positive however I have chosen to continue living life to the fullest.

To "put my money where my mouth is" I started a project which I now call 'Project Dreamwings.'I am trying to build an aircraft - specifically adapted for my disability - in which I want to fly around the world hopefully inspiring and motivating people to reach for their dreams. For more detail see www.projectdreamwings.co.za

Phase 1 of Project Dreamwings

However I need to do some personal reconciliation first before I complete the above project. I would like to meet the Cuban pilot/s that was involved in the combat incident on that day. (Yes they were Cuban Pilots and not from Angola) I have managed to track them down! Despite my disability and hardships I've been through I don't hold any grudges against them and I believe it would fantastic for my mental well-being to meet them face to face. All I really want to do is chat about the love of flying that we all so passionately share. Actually if I can have my way I would like to have the Mig 23 Pilot join me on a leg of my round-the-world flight I am planning! (Phase 2 and 3 of Project Dreamwings)

I have been in contact with the pilot although it has been through a 3rd party purely because of the language barrier. He is also very keen on the idea and has agreed to meeting with me!

Now unfortunately I do not have sufficient funds here at home. My military and disability pension is actually insufficient for me to really survive on which means I really don't have the funds to go to Cuba nor do my friends in Cuba have the funds to come to South Africa.

It would mean the world to me to be able to show how important reconciliation is not only within the South African environment and the history we have been through, but throughout the world where there has been mistrust and conflict. Reconciliation in our country is desperately needed and I am hoping that by leading the way I can make a small start in changing the way we think firstly here in South Africa and secondly throughout the entire world.

What I Need

This is really all very new to me so I want to do this fund-raising in Phases. What I really need for Phase 1 is to raise funds so that we can fly them out to South Africa for this reconciliation meeting. While here I would like to take them to see my Project. I would like to take them to see the flight simulator that was made of my actual aircraft's cockpit. see www.dooley.co.za/Mirage.htm Then I would like to take them on a scenic tour of our magnificent country.

Naturally this would require further cost for transport and accommodation. I am also planning to have the entire campaign video recorded and package as a short documentary film which can be used for future motivational speeches.

I will then ensure that there is a blog/webpage set up together with a Facebook / Twitter page that will document and film the entire meeting and keep all the contributors up to date with our progress.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot financially contribute then I would humbly request you forward this plea to your entire mailing list and help us spread the message of reconciliation around!

Or you can go to my personal facebook page http://facebook.com/arthur.piercy and leave me some encouragement and motivation. Alternately go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Project-Dreamwings/196951912369 which is the newly created Dreamwings facebook page and click the 'like'button!

Humbly yours,

Arthur Piercy

Alenia Aermacchi and the Italian Ministry of Defence to collaborate on the development of a new basic-advanced trainer, the M-345 HET (High Efficiency Trainer)

Alenia Aermacchi and the Secretariat General of Defence/National Armaments Directorate of the Italian Ministry of Defence have signed an agreement to jointly define the operational specifications and collaborate on the development of a new basic-advanced trainer, the M-345 HET (High Efficiency Trainer) and expected to enter service between 2017-2020.

The agreement, announced today at the Le Bourget Paris Air Show by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defence, Gen. Claudio Debertolis and Alenia Aermacchi Chief Executive Officer, Giuseppe Giordo, calls for the immediate creation of a joint working team between the Defence and industry to define the technical specifications of this new aircraft and identify the steps necessary for the preliminary study and its consequent development, taking into account the principles of cost effectiveness and to satisfy the possible requirements of the global market.

The new HET will be a further development of the M-345 jet trainer, the latest solution proposed by Alenia Aermacchi for the basic-advanced phase of military pilot training.

The avionics system of the M-345 HET, through a significant containment of acquisition and operation costs, aims to offer a cheaper and more effective solution in the training of military pilots compared with the current advanced turboprop solutions which, although sharing the same weight class of the M-345 HET and similar on-board equipment, provide only limited performance and training effectiveness.

The M-345 HET will be equipped with a turbofan engine in the 1.600 kg (3,500 lb) thrust class and will offer long endurance and high load factors between +7/-3,5 g. Furthermore, it will feature state-of-the-art avionics, including a HUD (Head Up Display) in the front cockpit and a repeater in the rear cockpit and multi-function digital displays for both pilot stations and HOTAS (Hands On Throttle-And-Stick) controls. The new trainer will be designed to guarantee a training syllabus perfectly aligned with that of the advanced and pre-operative M-346, starting from the elevated similarity between the two cockpits that will allow for the interoperability in joint training missions.

With regards to logistics, operating costs will be reduced due to the fact that the M-345 will be designed with a two-level maintenance concept, eliminating the third and most onerous level of general revision of the aircraft. Easy access to the simple on-board systems and devices and a HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) that provides all information on structure, engine and system for an effective monitoring of the condition of each single component/system, will simplify maintenance. The introduction of the pressure refueling system and of an OBOGS (On-Board Oxygen Generating System) will significantly reduce the quantity of personnel required for aircraft ground operations, thus reducing the interval time between flights and making the M-345 HET even more advantageous under the management profile.


Airbus Military has placed a third work package with South Africa's Denel Aerostructures (DAe)

South African Deputy Director-General Department of Public Enterprises, Kgathatso Tlhakudi, celebrates after the signing ceremony.

Airbus Military has placed a third work package with South Africa's Denel Aerostructures (DAe) for the manufacture of structural components for the A400M military transport programme.

This multi-million Rand contract was received at the Paris Airshow today on behalf of South Africa's Minister for Public Enterprises, Mr Malusi Gigaba and Denel's Group CEO, Mr Riaz Saloojee. It will see DAe producing the ribs, spars and swords (ie. the skeletal support structure) for the A400M's vertical tail plane.

Airbus Military CEO, Mr Domingo Urena, said: “Denel, with its diverse set of expertise, capabilities and capacities, is central to Airbus Military's ambition to develop an expanded and multi-faceted partnership with South Africa's high-tech aerospace and defence industry, tied to South Africa's military aircraft requirements and acquisitions”.

South Africa's Minister of Public Enterprises, Mr Malusi Gigaba, said: “The approximately ZAR200-million (€15.1m) work package is contracted to run over the entire life of the A400M programme and demonstrates Airbus Military's confidence in Denel and South Africa's design and manufacturing capabilities, coupled with our ability to deliver on time and within budgets.”

DAe has already begun preparing to launch production of the components at its plant near Johannesburg and will deliver the first finished shipset to Airbus's specialised vertical tail plane factory at Stade, Germany in March 2014.

“Our success in establishing and maintaining partnerships like the one with Airbus Military is one of the pillars of our growth strategy, and it will make Denel profitable on a sustainable basis, improve our financial performance while also contributing to our national socio-economic imperatives. The contract strengthens Denel's position in South Africa's aerospace industry and reconfirms the company as a strategic national asset, its contribution to skills development and advanced manufacturing, as well as its potential to generate export revenue for the country,” Mr Saloojee said.

Under a renegotiated contract announced last September, the South African manufacturer is also responsible for two other A400M work packages involving the design, engineering and fabrication of the Wing-to-Fuselage Fairing and the fuselage Top Shells. The wing-to-fuselage fairing is the largest single aerostructure component ever produced in South Africa and provides an aerodynamic shroud over sensitive equipment located in the centre wing part of the A400M. The fairing protects the equipment from lightning, hail damage and bird strikes.

The fuselage Top Shells are made up of more than 1 100 individual parts and a large machined skin, engineered out of an aluminium alloy. Each A400M is fitted with two Top Shells, positioned in front and behind the wings where they join the fuselage. They are also fitted with approximately 1 000 brackets which support electrical and electronic wiring, hot air and heat exchange pipes and the aircraft's emergency life rafts.

About the A400M

The A400M is an all-new military airlifter designed to meet the needs of the world's Armed Forces in the 21st Century. It is ideally suited to the typical African peace-support missions which continue to be undertaken by South Africa in support of the African Union and United Nations mandates on the continent. Thanks to its most advanced technologies, the A400M is able to fly higher, faster and further, while retaining high maneuverability, low speed, and short, soft and rough airfield capabilities. It combines both tactical and strategic/logistic missions. With its cargo hold specifically designed to carry the outsize equipment needed today for both military and humanitarian disaster relief missions, it can bring this material quickly and directly to where it is most needed. Conceived to be highly reliable, dependable, and with a great survivability, the multipurpose A400M can do more with less, implying smaller fleets and less investment from the operator. The A400M is the most cost efficient and versatile airlifter ever conceived and absolutely unique in its capabilities.


Sukhoi military programs presented at the 50th International Paris Air Show

Su-35 Multirole Fighter

The development and production of the Su-35 (the Russian modification - Su-35S) 4++ generation super-manoeuvrable multirole fighter is one of Sukhoi's top priority programs. Sukhoi is a United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) subsidiary.

The State Joint Acceptance tests are now underway. The flight tests fully proved the asserted main specifications of the aircraft and its suite of on-board equipment. They also demonstrated its super-manoeuvrability, checked the stability and controllability, and confirmed the power plant parameters and navigation system operability. The maximum close to land speed is 1,400 km/h, at altitude - 2,400 km/h. The operational ceiling is 18,000 meters. The radar target detection range is over 400 km in the air-to-air mode, which considerably exceeds that of the currently in-service aircraft. The phased antenna array radar detects targets at a longer range and simultaneously tracks and engages more of them (tracking of up to 30 and engagement of up to 8 air targets, tracking of 4 and engagement of 2 ground targets plus an option of simultaneous monitoring of the in-air and on-land situation). The on-board optic radar detects and tracks several targets at a range of more than 80 km. The system is ready to undergo operational suitability tests.

All work associated with the State Acceptance tests of the new fighter proceeds according to the approved plan. The airborne weapons were tested successfully during operational suitability tests. The flight test results testify that the performance of the Su-35/Su-35S is much superior to that of similar in-service counterparts, whereas the on-board equipment performs a wide range of missions and tactical tasks. The aircraft's designed potential is essentially higher than that of the 4 and 4+ generation tactical fighters like Rafale and EF 2000, and upgraded F-15, F-16 and F-18, F-35 aircraft. Thus it is a potent rival to the F-22A aircraft.

The Su-35/Su-35S employs many advanced technologies widely used in the frontline aviation's advanced airborne complex (PAK FA). In a way, this is a platform for optimizing advanced technologies used in the fifth-generation aircraft now under test. This applies in the first place to a new avionics suite integrated on the basis of the information control system (ICS) built using the latest information technologies employing stand-by multiple processor computers and high speed information exchange channels ensuring complex hypothesis processing of information obtained from surveillance and aiming systems and providing intellectual support to the pilot in performance of difficult combat missions. The Su-35/Su-35S extensively uses the situation awareness technologies applied in the spherical information field and the real time mode resorting to the capabilities of the communication system, the aircraft's radar, optronic surveillance and reconnaissance systems as well as on-land control systems of various levels. In addition, the aircraft is fitted with new engines (similar to those on the PAK FA) featuring an increased vectored thrust, built-in auxiliary power plant (BIAPP), and a new radar. The Su-35/Su-35S has a wide range of airborne guided munitions for target engagement at short, medium and long distances plus unguided weapons. The aircraft can carry a 8,000 kg combat load.

The Su-35S is series-produced by the Sukhoi's Yu.A.Gagarin Aircraft Plant of Komsomolsk-on-Amur (KnAAZ). The production proceeds in compliance with the state contract with the Russian Defence Ministry signed in 2009 for the supply of a large batch of aircraft till 2015



Innovative light-sport aircraft to fly at Oshkosh just prior to July 31 night air show

EAA AVIATION CENTER, OSHKOSH, Wis. - (July 1, 2013) - The dream of travelers for more than a century - the innovative combination of a vehicle capable of being flown or driven - will be showcased at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013, as the Terrafugia Transition® will take to the sky on July 31 during The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration. The 61st annual edition of the EAA AirVenture fly-in takes place July 29-August 4 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh.

The Transition®, which has been displayed as a development prototype at Oshkosh for several years, is scheduled to fly and drive on Wednesday, July 31, at approximately 8 p.m., just prior to sunset and the night air show. The Transition will also be on display at the Terrafugia exhibit throughout the rest of AirVenture week.

“EAA has watched and encouraged Terrafugia's efforts ever since it made its first appearance at Oshkosh in 2006,” said Jim DiMatteo, EAA's vice president of AirVenture features and attractions. “To see the Transition take the next step and make its first flights before a large-scale public audience during AirVenture gives us a glimpse of what's possible in personal transportation. If it's aviation innovation, you'll see it at Oshkosh.”

The Transition® is a light-sport aircraft that brings a new level of freedom, flexibility, and fun to personal aviation by combining driving and flying in one state-of-the-art vehicle. Glass cockpit avionics, carbon fiber construction, and innovative mechanisms make the Transition® easy and fun to fly, drive, and convert. A steering wheel and gas and brake pedals on the ground make it familiar to drive while a stick and rudder pedals provide responsive control in flight.

“Oshkosh has always been the place where aviation innovation breakthroughs have been presented,” said Carl Dietrich, Terrafugia Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. “We have been consistently encouraged by AirVenture attendees when we have brought the Transition prototype to Oshkosh in past years. It was natural that when the time came to make flights before a large, public audience, joining with EAA at Oshkosh was a perfect fit.”

About Terrafugia

Terrafugia (terra-FOO-gee-ah), based in Woburn, Mass., is a growing aerospace company founded by pilot-engineers from MIT and supported by a world-class network of advisors and investors. Terrafugia was founded and began work on the Transition® in 2006. That summer, the company launched publicly at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, where it met its first angel investors and received the first refundable deposits for the Transition®. Terrafugia's mission is to build practical flying cars. The company name is Latin for “escape the earth.” For more information visit:


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