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3 The RV-14, the newest airplane from Van's Aircraft, Inc.
4 ATNS announces new CEO
5 SA Aerobatic Championships, Tzaneen.
6 Sonex Aircraft to Offer SubSonex Personal Jet Production Slots
7 Su-32/34 Frontline Bomber
8 Oshkosh preview
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13 July. Durban, KZN Tour. Email info@kznwinterairtour.co.za or visit ww.kznwinterairtour.co.za



19 to 21 July. Nylstroom Vliegklub . EAA Taildraggers' Fly-in. Evening braais and bonfires in this bushveld setting with camping facilities on the airfield and numerous B&B type accommodation in Nylstroom. Professional AFIS service on Saturday 20 July call sign 'Nylstroom Radio' on 120.2 Mhz. Further information from Richard Nicholson e-mail: rgn@pcwireless.co.za or call 082 490 6227. All aircraft are welcome!

20 July. Fun & Precision Rally, Nylstroom. E-mail: maryd@expandingbranding.co.za

27 July. Pylon Time Trials, Parys. E-mail: flyboys@global.co.za

27 July. 9th annual fly in, Hippo Pools Resort, Hoedspruit Airstrip. For more: http://www.hippopools.co.za/flying_runway.htm

27 July East Rand Flying Club will be hosting its annual free fly-in breakfast from 08h00 onwards. Contact Paul Sabatier 082 413 4614 e-mail: paulsabatier@gmail.com

29 July to 4 August EAA's annual AirVenture to be held in Oshkosh USA. Camping on the airfield contact Neil Bowden. E-mail: neil1@telkomsa.net

9 & 10 August EAA of South Africa National Convention at Brits airfield. Contact Paul Lastrucci: 082 822 7018 E-mail: paul@airpowersa.co.za

9 to 11 August SAPFA Precision Team training at Brits airfield: Contact Mary de Klerk E-mail: maryd@expandingbranding.co.za or visit: www.sapfa.org.za

10 & 11 August Sport Aerobatics NW Regionals - Klerksdorp. Contact Annie Boon E-mail: chunge@mweb.co.za

9 to 11 August Race of Champions - Ulundi airport KZN. Contact Chris Briers 082 568 7988 or Mariska 082 253 5823 at AirTeam. Entry details and conditions on the website: www.airrace.co.za

17 August SAPFA Gyrocopter Fun Rally at Kitty Hawk: Contact Mary de Klerk E-mail: maryd@expandingbranding.co.za or visit: www.sapfa.co.za

24 August Bela-Bela Falcons Flying Club - Neil Armstrong memorial fly in breakfast. Contact Pieter Roux 083 377 5227 or E-mail Info@justforfun.co.za

29 August to 1 September. Cirrus Migration - CDC Aviation. Contact Deon Wentzel: 082 458 5719 or E-mail: deon@cdcaviation.co.za

30 & 31 August Bethlehem Airshow. For more information contact Derek O'Connor 083 629 5242 derek@malutiskies.co.za

2 to 15 September World Precision Championships - Germany: Contact Mary de Klerk e-mail: maryd@expandingbranding.co.za or got to: www.sapfa.org.za

Sunday 29 September Grand Rand airshow. Contact Carolyn Naude 011 827 8884 e-mail: carolyn@randairport.co.za

28 & 29 September Sport Aerobatics Cape Regionals - Mossel Bay Contact Annie Boon e-mail: chunge@mweb.co.za

For the full 2013 calendar go to events calendar.



The RV-14 is the newest airplane from Van's Aircraft, Inc. It continues and improves on the legacy of the most successful side-by-side two-seat kit aircraft in history: Van's RV-6, RV-7, RV-9 and RV-12.

Probably the first thing you'll notice is that the RV-14 sits tall. The upright seating position and large bubble canopy provide superb visibility in all directions. The large cabin (as wide as many four-seat airplanes) is truly roomy. Lots of headroom, lots leg room, lots of room between the seats. Big people will like this airplane!

The tip-forward canopy (the only canopy possible on the RV-14 fuselage) uses a new hinge arrangement that allows it to open wide for entry and loading baggage. It also allows complete access to the back of the instrument panel and avionics connections. It is possible to stand on the ground next to the airplane and reach everything in back of the instrument panel.

Speaking of avionics, the RV-14 will include a standard wiring harness that handles the usual electric basics: lights, fuel pump, flaps, trim, etc. Our prototype uses a Dynon Skyview system, but the standard RV-14 wiring harness will provide convenient plug-and-play expansion capability for several popular EFIS systems. A blank panel for those who want to develop their own panel from scratch is also envisioned.

The relatively long wing uses the proprietary airfoil that's proved so successful on the RV-10. The wing is constant-chord and constant thickness, so it's easy to build and completely predictable in flight. Big slotted flaps keep landing speeds low. Leading edge fuel tanks can be removed without taking the wing off the airplane. Ailerons are controlled by rigid pushrods moving on bearings and bushings - a very low friction system that helps provide the control feel for which RVs have become famous. Leading edges and wingtips have provisions for landing, position and strobe lights.

Up front, a 210 hp Lycoming IO-390 lives under the graceful cowl and supplies plenty of power! A Van's 4-into-1 exhaustsystem keeps exhaust noise relatively low, especially in the cabin.

RV-14 structure is typical of all RVs - and most production aircraft, for that matter. It is a monocoque aluminum airframe held together with rivets. This method has been the standard in aircraft construction for almost seventy years. It is very difficult to beat the combination of light weight, structural integrity, simplicity and affordability that aluminum provides.

Occupant protection is an important concern. A massive rollover bar spans the cockpit just behind the seats. Seats, belts and harnesses are designed to keep pilots and passengers safely restrained

The main landing gear is extremely simple, consisting of tapered steel leaf springs with a wheel on one end and the airplane on the other. There are no oleos, bungee cords or shock absorbers. The nosewheel rides on a robust steel strut. A tailwheel version of the RV-14 is under development.

Capabilities and Performance

The RV-14 cabin accommodates full-sized adults - in fact, the basic idea was to provide RV-10 room and comfort in a two-seat airplane. The results are impressive. Both seats will hold people at least 6'4” tall and providethem with truly comfortable leg and headroom.

The thing that has always made RVs stand out, from the original RV-1 to the RV-14, is the way they feel in flight. The famous “RV Grin” can be found on any pilot who has just taxied up in one...the result of a flight in a truly responsive, agile airplane that goes exactly where you want it to - almost as if it read your thoughts directly. The RV-14 continues this tradition. It responds almost instantly to the pilot's touch, but that response is predictable, proportional, and precise. It handles basic aerobatic maneuvers easily and gracefully. The structure meets the aerobatic category standards of +6/-3Gs when flown at the aerobatic gross weight of 1900 lbs.


The Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) Board today announced the appointment - with immediate effect - of Mr. Thabani Mthiyane to the position of Chief Executive Officer, following a rigorous and thorough recruitment process and subsequent approval by the Cabinet.

Mr. Mpho Mamashela, Chairman of the entity's Board of Directors, said that Mr. Mthiyane has extensive technical and operational experience in all aspects of Air Traffic Management.

“He shares the same values and commitment to our business and industry as our Board and fully understands the needs of our stakeholders. He also has the right credentials and skills to take ATNS forward” stated Mr. Mamashela.

In congratulating Mr. Mthiyane on his appointment, Mr Mamashela said the Board has noted Mr. Mthiyane's dedication and commitment to his work, and most importantly, the staff's support during his recent interim acting term.

“Our ability to stay committed, passionate and focussed as a company is what will take us into the next twenty years, as we forge new frontiers in the area of air navigation service provision and steadfastly continue to play our part in ensuring safer African Skies for all.” concluded Mr. Mamashela.

Mr Mthiyane is currently serving as the Civil Aviation and Navigation Services' (CANSO) Africa Region Chairperson. His career is notable for the contributions he made in the technical, technological and operational spheres of aviation.

He holds a BEng (Hon) Mechanical Engineering (University of Pretoria), BSc Eng in Electrical Engineering (University of Natal) and a National Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Technikon Natal). He is completing his World Executive MBA through the George Washington University, Washington.

Mr Mthiyane is a registered Professional Engineer and is also a member of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE).


SA Aerobatic Champs, Tzaneen 3-7 July 2013

The Sports Aerobatic Club Nationals took place in Tzaneen in Mpumalanga from Thursday 4 July to Saturday 6 July. Challenging weather conditions on Friday and Saturday brought out the best in the participants as they flew their full sequences. The scores and winners were announced at the award presentation on the Saturday evening and Nigel Hopkins, winner of the Unlimited Class was declared the National Champion.

The Sportsman Class was won by Gary Glassen flying the Pitts Falcon, followed by Jacques Du Plooy in the Yak 55 with Ben Meyer in the Pitts S2B in third place and Riaan Prinsloo in the Yak 18T in fourth place.
Steve Brown was placed first in the Intermediate Class with Steve Brown in the Slick 360 in second, Todd Montgomerie in the Pitts S2S in third and Rob Du Plooy flying the Giles202 in fourth.

Bertus Du Preez was crowned Advance Champion followed by Johnie Smith in the Sbach with Neville Ferreira in the Yak 55 in third and Charles Urban piloting the Extra 300 close behind. Elton Bondi in the Extra 300L finished in fifth place, Glen Warden in the Extra 300 in sixth and Cliff Lotter flying the Zlin 5 in sixth place.

Nigel Hopkins in the MX won the Unlimited Class and overall Championship followed by Barrie Eeles in the Sbach


Sonex Aircraft to Offer SubSonex Personal Jet Production Slots

Sonex Aircraft, LLC will be unveiling a special opportunity for pilots to become SubSonex Personal Jet owners at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013!

Potential customers will have their first opportunity to get in- line for SubSonex production slots, with full details to be announced at a briefing for customers and members of the media on Sunday July 28, 2013 during the Sonex Aircraft Homecoming and Open House Fly-In event, beginning at 10am at the Sonex Aircraft factory headquarters facility on the East side of Wittman Regional Airport. Additionally, there will be a follow-up press briefing in the Sonex Aircraft display booth at AirVenture on Monday July 29th at 10am, re-capping details of the SubSonex jet program, and covering other major news and announcements from Sonex Aircraft, LLC. Sonex Aircraft will begin accepting customer bookings for the SubSonex Jet immediately following Sunday¹s briefing.

If you¹ve ever dreamed of owning a personal jet, now is the time! Remarks Sonex Aircraft Founder & President, and SubSonex jet designer John Monnett. The SubSonex extends the Sonex Aircraft ŒReality Check¹ philosophy to become the first truly practical and affordable personal jet for recreational flying. When you are flying a SubSonex, the $100 hamburger never tasted so good!

JSX-1, the SubSonex proof-of-concept prototype will once again be featured in flight demonstrations during the showcase presentation at AirVenture Oshkosh 2013. The SubSonex Personal Jet concept was first unveiled at AirVenture in 2009. After successful pairing with the PBS TJ-100 engine, the SubSonex JSX-1 prototype achieved first flight in August 2011 and completed a successful flight test program in 2012. Second-generation JSX-2 prototypes are currently under construction to serve as ³conforming² prototypes representing the final SubSonex Personal Jet product. JSX-2 will incorporate many new features and enhancements, including fully retractable gear with a steerable nose wheel, a full-airplane ballistic parachute system, larger cockpit, increased fuel capacity and more. More SubSonex details, including flight videos and an informative webinar presentation, can be found on the Sonex web site at:

The 2013 Sonex Aircraft Homecoming and Open House Fly-In will be the 10th annual event to be held, serving as the first-stop for Sonex pilots flying-in to AirVenture. The event is a great opportunity for prospective Sonex Aircraft builders to see customer-built aircraft and meet their builders/owners/pilots all in once place, while meeting the Sonex Aircraft ownership and staff and touring the Sonex headquarters facility. The fly-in is capped-off by a ³mass taxi arrival² of Sonex Aircraft factory prototype and customer aircraft from the Sonex headquarters to AirVenture grounds.

More information about the 10th Annual Sonex Aircraft Homecoming and Fly-In, along with information about other Sonex Aircraft events at AirVenture can be found at: www.SonexAircraft.com/company/events.html

Sonex Aircraft, LLC is a leader in the experimental kit aircraft industry, providing a series of Sport Pilot eligible kit aircraft along with the AeroConversions line of products which include the AeroVee engine, AeroInjector and ancillary aviation products. Sonex Aircraft¹s Sonex, Waiex, and Onex sport planes, the Xenos sport motorglider, and now the SubSonex Personal Jet, offer outstanding performance in an easy to build, easy to fly kit package that can be purchased and completed with full technical support at an unrivalled price. Sonex and AeroConversions continue to invest heavily in developing new products. Our team is committed to providing simple, elegant and low-cost solutions for sport flying. Simply put, Sonex Aircraft and AeroConversions products provide the Best Performance Per Dollar. Check us out at www.SonexAircraft.com and www.AeroConversions.com


The Su-34 frontline bomber (the export version Su-32) will be the striking core of the Russian frontline aviation. This is an adequate successor to the Su-24M all-weather day/night frontline bomber. Its development and production is among Sukhoi's top priorities. Sukhoi is a United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) subsidiary.

The State Joint Acceptance Tests of the Su-34 were completed in November 2010. The Russian Air Force commander signed the Su-34 State Tests report in April 2011 recommending its deployment to the Russian Air Force.

The series production of the Su-34 is organized at the Sukhoi Company's Novosibirsk aircraft plant. The aircraft are supplied under a state five-year contract with the Russian Defense Ministry signed in 2008. In March 2012, Sukhoi Company signed another state contract to supply a large batch of Su-34s to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Su-34 effectively engages ground, sea and air targets by using the complete range of airborne munitions, including high-precision types under adversary's fire and information warfare in all weather conditions, day and night. In terms of operational capabilities this is a 4+ generation aircraft. Its active protection system together with the latest computers creates extra opportunities for the pilot and navigator to carry out precision bombing and manoeuvres under adversary's fire. The superior aerodynamics, large internal fuel tanks, highly efficient digitally controlled bypass turbojet engines, air refuelling system, add-on tank suspension and a comfortable crew cockpit enable a long distance flight up to 10 hours. The on board digital open architecture equipment allows an easy replacement of its complexes and systems for new models.

The aircraft features excellent flight performance and agility, long-range aiming system, and modern on board system of communication and information exchange with on-land flight control centres, ground troops, surface ships and flying aircraft. The Su-34 employs highly efficient long range guided air-to-surface and air-to-air weapons using a multiple channel capability. It is equipped with a smart radar countermeasure and defence system. The Su-34 has a sophisticated survivability suite, including an armoured cockpit. Presently the operational capability of the aircraft is being increased with new airborne weapons.

According to pilots and navigators, the aircraft offers excellent ergonomics and extensive automation from take-off to target approach, operational use, and landing. The machine is easy to handle. The Su-34 bomber has set seven world records, including that of the horizontal flight altitude with a 5,000 kg load.



Another Pemberton Gem Heading for Oshkosh

Pemberton & Sons Aviation's gleaming Waco EQC-6 will be on the flightline in Vintage this year at Oshkosh.

July 2, 2013 - Addison Pemberton, owner of Pemberton & Sons Aviation based at Felts Field in Spokane, Washington, has restored and rebuilt more than 16 vintage airplanes. Perhaps the most noteworthy was the 1928 Boeing 40C reproduction that was completed in 2007 and flew away with the Gold Lindy at Oshkosh in 2008.

Pemberton will return to AirVenture this year with his latest gem, a 1936 Waco EQC-6, one of the world's three flying examples out of 20 airplanes originally built. As Pemberton explained, he got "Waco fever" after the successful restoration of the 40, and began looking for a suitable airplane to restore.

"I fell in love with the Waco 6 and 7 cabin models," Pemberton explained. This was Waco's answer to the Howards and Beech Staggerwings of the day, from the company's Custom Cabin series. It was originally a DQC model, equipped with the Wright R-760-E1 engine, and the first owner was the Howard Aircraft Company, perhaps checking out the competition.

A year later it was sold to the Okanogan Air Service in Washington, then was acquired by Wallace Air Service, a flight school, coincidentally located on Pemberton's home airport, Spokane's Felts Field. After relocating to Missoula, Montana, in the 1950s, it was recovered and swapped the E1 engine to a Wright R-760-E2 - thus becoming an EQC.

He ultimately discovered one from the family of Stan Gomall in Wisconsin, which owned the airplane from 1962-2008. Coincidentally, Pemberton says he camped next to Stan in 1979, a fact discovered from a photograph. "My wife and I had our picture taken with our Cessna 170 that year, and next to us was Stan's Waco," he said.

The original plan was to disassemble and truck the plane back to Spokane from Wisconsin. After inspecting it, they learned that the seven-cylinder Wright R-760-E32 Whirlwind engine (originally the J-6 Whirlwind Seven) had been overhauled in 1992 and there weren't a lot of hours on it since. So they put on some new fuel lines and performed other maintenance, enabling Pemberton to ferry the Waco back to Spokane - about 12 hours of flight time.

The 760 featured larger cylinders than Wright's nine-cylinder R-790, and it's supercharged, allowing the smaller power plant to produce up to 350 hp.

The restoration took three years and involved stripping the plane down to its frame, sandblasting and painting, then recovering. Both upper wings are new, but they were able to save the lowers. The completely restored interior is showroom-new.

The airplane has been to the annual EAA convention many times, a fact revealed by the numerous EAA stickers on the windows - some so old they said "Rockford." Pemberton said they had a significant challenge with oil spraying from the engine's breather tube caused by the change from a fixed-pitch to a constant-speed prop. Pemberton said Mike Conner and others in the vintage community came up with the solution to create another breather and the problem was solved. "It's been 70 hours of joy since then," he said.

As for its flying qualities, Pemberton says the Waco flies great - a nice cruiser at 150 mph. Top speed is 176 mph. Its 94-gallon fuel capacity provides a decent range of 700 miles. The airplane really comes into its own at 10,000 to 12,000 feet, Pemberton said. Service ceiling is listed at 19,000 feet.

Other than a locking tail wheel, Cleveland brakes, and modern gyros and radios, the airplane is pretty much stock, Pemberton said. Look for this piece of history, NC1659, sporting Northwest Airways livery, in the Vintage aircraft area this year at AirVenture.

Rarities, Round Engines Set Stage for Incredible Week in Vintage

This Stearman "Jimmie Allen Junior Speedmail" is just one of many must-see airplanes in the Vintage area at AirVenture Oshkosh 2013.

July 3, 2013 - The Vintage Aircraft Association is gearing up for a week for the ages at AirVenture with a plethora of rare aircraft, anchored by the Round Engine Rodeo airplanes that, according to organizers, is approaching 50 confirmed airplanes and could reach upward of 75.

The Vintage area, located just south of Phillips 66 Plaza, will also feature numerous returning Gold and Silver Lindy winners in the Return of Champions program.

Just this week EAA confirmed participation by Addison Pemberton's Waco EQC-6 - one of only three flying examples worldwide; the world's only two remaining airworthy Howard 500s, executive twin-engine transports from the early 1960s; and a Stinson trimotor from the Golden Wings Flying Museum in Blaine, Minnesota. Add to that the only Waco 9 flying today, a true reproduction of the Benoist Type XIV replica Lark of Duluth, and the Jimmie Allen Junior Speedmail - it's clear we're in for one memorable week.

"It's growing by the day," said Steve Krog, who's organizing the Round Engine Rodeo. "When you get down to the Vintage area this year and look out onto the field between the taxiway and Wittman Road, it will be filled with round engines."

Over by the Vintage Barn you'll see the Waco 9 along with the Speedmail and Benoist Type XIV on prominent display. Aircraft owners will be on hand to answer questions from visitors.

The Circle of Champions is an informational program being developed to delve further into the histories of returning Grand Champions and Reserve Grand Champions in the Vintage area. More information will be coming on this program soon.

Likewise for some of the aircraft mentioned above; we'll be providing additional updates on vintage aircraft as we approach the convention, scheduled for July 29-August 4, at Wittman Regional Airport.



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