Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of Rostec State Corporation, will bring its line-up of military helicopters to Russia Arms Expo 2013, the ninth international exhibition of arms, military equipment and munitions, which takes place on 25-28 September 2013 in Nizhny Tagil, Russia. The Company's display can be found in pavilion 2 at stand 2.6.

Russian Helicopters produces an extensive range of military helicopters, which it supplies to the Russian Air Force and other countries around the world. The key models that it plans to present at the exhibition are the Mi-35M, the Ka-52 Alligator, the Mi-28NE Night Hunter and multirole military transport helicopters of the Mi-8/17 series.

The Ka-52 Alligator is an all-weather, round-the-clock reconnaissance and attack helicopter designed for surveillance and battlefield management. It is equipped with stealth technologies, radio-electronic defence systems and active countermeasures systems, as well as powerful offensive weapons. The Alligator offers a high degree of protection for the crew, as well as the latest automated on-board systems for ease of piloting. In June of this year the Ka-52 Alligator made its international debut at the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, where it received glowing expert reviews.

The Mi-28NE Night Hunter attack helicopter can operate around the clock and in any weather conditions, and can act effectively against tanks, armoured vehicles and transporters, self-propelled guns, artillery units and military air-defence units. Moreover, the helicopter's armoury can take down helicopters and low-altitude, low-speed enemy planes. The Night Hunter has duplicated core systems and provides a high level of protection for crew members. At MAKS 2013, Russian Helicopters presented a new version of the Night Hunter, the Mi-28UB, a special helicopter with a dual control system that can be used to train Mi-28NE pilots while maintaining all the functionality of an attack helicopter.

The Mi-35M multirole attack helicopter is based on the legendary military Mi-24, and uses the latest aviation technologies and developments in helicopter construction. Mi-24 series helicopters have earned a reputation as reliable and highly efficient military helicopters, and are in service in many countries round the world. The new Mi-35M is equipped with the latest technology and can operate around the clock and in all weather conditions. It is designed to destroy armoured vehicles, provide fire support for ground forces, land paratroops, evacuate wounded men and carry cargoes. The helicopter is supplied to the air forces of Russia, Venezuela, Brazil and Azerbaijan.

Mi-8/17 series models are amongst the most widely operated military helicopters in the world. They are in service in dozens of countries and can operate in the most diverse climatic conditions. Russian Helicopters will be presenting the latest developments in this series of military helicopters: the Mi-8MTV-5 military transport helicopters (export designation: Mi-17V-5) and the Mi-8AMTSh transport and combat helicopters (export designation: Mi-171Sh). These helicopters are supplied to customers with a wide range of additional equipment and are in great demand. In August of this year, Russian Helicopters produced its 750th Mi-8AMTSh helicopter, which was transferred to the ownership of the Russian Defence Ministry.

The armed forces of a number of countries use the military transport Mi-26 - the world's heaviest-lift helicopter - to perform unique military and humanitarian cargo transportation missions. This unique helicopter is capable of carrying up to 82 fully armed troopers or up to 20 tonnes of cargo inside the fuselage or on an external sling. Mi-26 helicopters are supplied to the Air Forces of Russia and other countries.

Russian Helicopters successfully fulfils Russian Defence Ministry orders under the state defence order, and supplies helicopters for military use.

Russia Arms Expo 2013 will bring together major participants of the arms market for comprehensive discussions and demonstrations of the latest military technology. The exhibition aims to promote Russian military equipment, arms and munitions to the domestic and foreign markets, to expand the ranks of foreign partners, to demonstrate the latest developments of Russian and foreign military equipment producers, and to develop business contacts between producers of and customers for military equipment, arms and munitions from around the world.

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