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5 October: Fun Rally, Grand Central. Mary de Klerk. For more information go to: www.sapfa.org.za or contact Mary de Klerk e-mail: maryd@expandingbranding.co.za

5 October: SAAF Museum AFB Zwartkop Open Fly day.



12 October: Secunda Airshow. Contact Leon le Roux 017 634 4925

12 October: TMG (Touring Motor Glider) Fly in Parys. Contact Marietjie van Niekerk 082 765 6670

11 & 12 October: Lichtenburg Fly In. Contact Danie van Heerden on 082 509 9705

13 October: Aerobatics fun fly in.

13 October: Cub day at Baragwanath. Owners of Cubs, Supercubs, Cubbies and similar vintage aircraft are all invited. Entries open online to Cub-types until 28 September (thereafter entries open to other aircraft types)
. For further details, please contact

26th October: Stellenbosch RV/Warbird/Radial fly-in. We will be hosting a fun fly inn specifically aimed at the following aircraft .
RV's, Taildraggers, Warbirds and Radials.
However all other aircraft are welcome to fly in for the day as we will have a contest with prize money allocated to aircraft in the categories as below.
Breakfast will be served from 08h00 and judging will commence from 10h00 am so please be sure that your aircraft is available .

Some rules:

Normal procedures for landing (see www.stelfly.co.za) .
Registration forms should be handed in at Pilot Registration when you park your aircraft.


Aircraft must be airworthy and currently licensed. Documents available at site.
Aircraft must have flown in to FASH or demonstrate flight at FASH to be judged.
Only show worthy Aircraft will be judged. Judges will determine required criteria, including Condition and Cleanliness.
Aircraft must be accompanied with informative display signage and a prop card for each Judge to initial after Aircraft has been Judged.
Judges decisions are final.

Judging Categories

RV Aircraft: Could be any RV aircraft that is Amateur Built and licensed as Experimental. Mostly a Craftsmanship and Beauty contest. Aircraft built entirely by hand could score higher than Kit Built because of the amount of skill and time consumed in building.
Warbird: Any Aircraft that has been used by the Military Services of RSA or Foreign Countries that have been utilized or intended for training for, or used in combat. Important features including original military non-volatile attachments, equipment and marking
Taildraggers , excluding RV's , Classic: Aircraft 1930 to WWII
The Best of Show Award ( cash prize R10 000) will be awarded to the Highest Scoring Aircraft .
If we have enough aircraft in each category, the prize money may be split into category winners .
Please send me a mail at paul.roux5@gmail.com if you want to book for breakfast and if you want to enter your aircraft .

2 November: Aero Club of South Africa annual awards ceremony at the Wanderers Club. Contact Sandra Strydom 011 082 1100 e-mail:

9 November: EAA Chapter 322 Peter Hengst Memorial and Breakfast Fly-in to Brits. Contact Doug Norval

26 October: Ladysmith Flying Club is looking at hosting a breakfast at the Ladysmith Airport. Contact Shane 071 190 9149

9 November: SAPFA Fun Rally Brits airfield: For more information go to:
www.sapfa.org.za or contact Mary de Klerk e-mail: maryd@expandingbranding.co.za

9 November: Kunkuru Fly in

8 to 10 November: EAA Sun 'n Fun Chapter 1503 Tempe Airfield Bloemfontein
Contact: Jack Onderstall 082 770 5505 e-mail: jack@cp.bftn.co.za

15 to 17 November: Mafikeng fly-in and hangar dance. For more information
E-mail: info@mafikeng-flyingclub.co.za or contact Connie Conradie 082 449 1546

30 November to 1 December: Sport Aerobatics ACE of Base - Baragwanath airfield. Contact Annie Boon e-mail:

7 & 8 December: Wings and Wheels airshow at AFB Ysterplaat - Cape Town Contact Chris Teale e-mail:


20 Minute Scenic Flights over Johannesburg

26 October 2013 at 10:00

We depart from Hangar 5 at Rand Airport, take off and fly in a westerly direction, passing to the south of Johannesburg CBD. We then turn above Gold Reef City and head in a northerly direction with Soccer City on our left. We cross over Northcliff Ridge and then turn east, to the south of North Gate Dome, and pass to the south of Monte Casino. Then we turn south, opposite Megawatt Park, passing east of Sandton City and across Wanderers and Ellis Park before returning to Rand Airport.

R450.00 per person

The flight will only take place provided ALL seats are sold.
For more information call 011 824 2142 or send an email to

For the full 2013 calendar go to events calendar.


September was another month in which we were spoiled for choice with a number of awesome shows and events. Zandspruit raised the bar as far airshows are concerned and Rand took up the challenge and presented what was probably the best show ever at this historic airfield. We off course reported on them all as well as on Flying Legends which Mark Mansfield visited and that was one of our most popular articles. Little wonder then that we ended up with almost 41,000 for the month.

We asked you to tell us whether you like our new home page and with one exception every one that responded does. As promised we will soon start adding a short video to our weekly updates and we welcome your ideas as to what you would like to see in Pilot's Post. Our Facebook Group that we started in March now boast almost 800 members and is an easy way to keep in touch. If you haven't yet joined, please do.

Our advertisers report excellent results with one that has been with from day one reporting five orders with another two possibilities from last month alone. Please feel free to contact us; we can structure a campaign to suit your budget.

Until next month, keep on visiting.



Reserve you seat for the World's Greatest Aviation event. Our 2014 tour departs on Saturday 26th July arriving in Oshkosh the next day. The show begins on Monday 28th July and runs right through to Sunday 3rd August. We depart Oshkosh on Monday 4th August.

Four different flight options will be available for 2014:

Tour A - R16 850* per person sharing plus airport tax (aprox R7 600). Add R 1 400 for single person supplement.
Departs Johannesburg at 19h15 Saturday 26th July 2014 on Air France, flying via Paris. We arrive in Chicago at 15h30 the next day.
The flight home departs Chicago on Monday 4th August at 17h10 on Air France and arrives in Johannesburg on Wednesday morning at 09h50.
Passengers choosing this flight are advised to get a Shengen Visa, you have a day in Paris on the way home.

Tour B - R17 800* per person sharing plus airport tax (R8 400). Add R 1 400 for single person supplement.
Departs Johannesburg at 20h25 on Saturday 26th July on Delta Airlines, flying via Atlanta. We arrive in Chicago at 12h08 the next day.
The inbound flight departs Chicago at 16h15 on Monday 4th August on KLM, arriving in Johannesburg on Tuesday evening at 21h15.
The Amsterdam - Johannesburg leg is a daylight flight with a short layover in Amsterdam.

Tour C - R18 250* per person sharing plus airport tax (R7 800). Add R 1 400 for single person supplement.
Departs Johannesburg at 23h15 on Saturday 26th July on KLM arriving in Chicago the next day at 14h15.
Return flight departs Chicago at 16h15 on Monday 4th August on KLM and arrives in Johannesburg the next day at 21h15

Tour D - R19 500* per person sharing plus airport tax (R8 000). Add R 1 400 for single person supplement.
Departs Johannesburg at 19h15 Saturday 26th July 2014 on Air France, flying via Paris. We arrive in Chicago at 15h30 the next day.
Return flight departs Chicago at 16h15 on Monday 4th August on KLM and arrives in Johannesburg the next day at 21h15

Price of above tours incudes airfares ex Johannesburg, transfers between Chicago and Oshkosh, EAA camping fees, accommodation in tents with bedding, breakfasts, tour cap and T Shirt and use of campsite facilities. Price does not include air show entrance and meals other than breakfast.

Tour E - R6 320* per person sharing. Add R 1 400 for single person supplement.
If you have Voyager Miles or will already be in the USA you can join us in Chicago.
Price includes transfers between Chicago and Oshkosh, EAA camping fees, accommodation in tents with bedding, breakfasts, tour cap and T Shirt and use of campsite facilities. Price does not include air show entrance and meals other than breakfast.


Breakaways can be arranged should you want to leave Johannesburg earlier or stay longer in the USA. You can also breakaway in Europe. Pax must travel one complete leg with the group, either outbound or inbound. Breakaway fee is R750 plus any change in airfare.

Please note - prices are subject to alteration should exchange rates or tariffs vary. Prices are based on a Rand / Dollar exchange rate of R10 to $1. Price will be adjusted either up or down on the following formula:

R0.50c variation will alter the price by 3.5% (ie. Should the Rand weaken to R10.50 to the dollar the price for Tour A will be R16 850 plus 3.5% - R16 850 + R539 = R17 498, should it strengthen, R16 311).

Airport Tax changes on a weekly basis and is determined by the Rand / Dollar exchange rate and current oil price.

How to Book

We'll need the following:
Name as it appears in your passport, passport number, expiry date, date of birth, tour option (A, B, C, D or E).
Do you want a hat or do you want a cap? If hat, size (S M L XL) T Shirt Size
Booking Deposit R2 500

Bank Account details: Nedbank. Broadacres Account No. 132 802 4857 Branch Code 132 805

For more information please contact Neil on 084 674 5674, e mail neil1@telkomsa.net or visit our website www.airadventure.co.za



RHINO FORCE is proud to announce a partnership with international beneficiary “Save the Rhino International (SRI)”, a renowned rhino conservation organisation that works to conserve all five species of rhinos in Africa and Asia. The RHINO FORCE bracelet significantly beaded with red, black and white beads will now be sold internationally, to raise awareness and funding for SRI's urgent rhino programmes on both continents.

Registered in 1994, Save the Rhino International recognises that the future of wildlife is inextricably linked to surrounding communities. By funding field projects and through education, SRI delivers long-lasting and widespread benefits to rhinos and other endangered species, ecosystems and to the people living in these areas. The funds raised are used to support projects that address rhino conservation through a number of measures.

Deputy Director, SRI, Susie Offord says, “The RHINO FORCE bracelets have been a huge success in South Africa already. Partnering with RHINO FORCE on an international level is a win-win relationship for SRI as the bracelets help to raise awareness about the plight of rhinos in Africa and in Asia, whilst raising much-needed funds for rhino conservation. We're really looking forward to developing this relationship further.”

The original RHINO FORCE bracelet, launched in June 2011, is synonymous with rhino conservation, and remains a South African best-seller, having facilitated and raised over R4.6 million to date. RHINO FORCE believes in urgent, immediate and direct action, supporting one of the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) principles of translocation as a method to save a species from extinction.

Recently, the bracelet organisation facilitated funds for a translocation of six white rhino from South Africa to Botswana - a safe haven in terms of security and monitoring. Relocating rhinos to suitable habitats spreads them out over a larger area, and enables rapid growth rates, and is why we have 400 separate populations in 9 African countries today.

This global alliance allows RHINO FORCE, a commercial company, to support and financially assist SRI's conservation of the species in Africa and Asia, where they face critical threat.

“We created the beaded rhino bracelet for people all over the world to purchase and wear, to provide and show their support for rhino conservation. The bracelet has become the tangible, globally recognised symbol for the love of rhinos, and a solidarity bracelet for the cause,” says Joanne Lapin Thorpe, co-founder of RHINO FORCE. “We've aligned internationally with SRI, share a common ethos, and are dedicated to supporting this incredible organisation, as we drive our bracelet initiative into the international arena. We look forward to growing our support for SRI over the years in a number of exciting initiatives.”

Over 500,000 local and international supporters have donned the conservation accessory to show their support, and raise awareness of the critical threat our rhino populations face - three of five species are listed as “critically endangered” on the IUCN red list.

To help save rhinos in Africa and Asia buy a bracelet online www.thebeadco.co.za, they will post anywhere in the world.




At Accolade Flight School, we're all for delivering the best assured flight training in the sky. We know that a pilot doesn't work from 9 to 5. We also know that every second that passes, without being surrounded by sky gets you a little closer to insanity, which is why our services will get you up and going, with the highest standards in aviation.

At Accolade, you can start with your Private Pilot's License and continue right through to become a qualified Commercial Pilot. We offer Night Ratings, Instructor Ratings and Type Ratings on specific aircraft. We are also equipped to do Gyro Copter Training as well as National Pilots Licenses. Besides all of this we also provide ground school for Private Pilot's theory and Commercial License Theory and best of all is that we are the only flight school in Gauteng that has its own private airfield!

To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home.

The motivation behind Accolade Flight School

The problem:

As we spent some time having fun in aviation, we soon realized that there are a few things missing in the industry.

The first concern was the lack of a support system for new freshly-trained pilots entering the world of aviation. Another concern was the fact that these pilots were clueless as to how aviation works and found themselves simply being pushed through the system and given a number on their price tag. There was no one to give advice on making big career decisions. The last concern was the fact that most of them were being trained in a system with under experienced pilots, who couldn't bring anything new to the trainee's perspective of the whole aviation arena.

The solution:

We've committed ourselves to implementing the “Godfather Principle” in our flight school. This involves appointing a dedicated person to every new pilot. This person is accountable for the new pilot from the start of his/her career until he/she is fit to be responsible for a new pilot. We also pride ourselves on a high quality training environment, with highly qualified instructors with enough experience to bring their own skills to the training environment.



The JianJiao-7 (JJ-7, export name: FT-7) is the two-seat fighter-trainer version of the Chengdu J-7 (MiG-21 Fishbed) fighter, made by Guizhou Aviation Industry Group Co (GAIGC) since 1981. The JJ-7 was developed from the J-7II airframe and resembles the Russian MiG-21U Mongol-A fighter-trainer in design and general performance. The PLA is currently looking for a successor to the JJ-7 as its next-generation advanced fighter-trainer aircraft, with the Guizhou JL-9 and Nanchang Hongdu JL-15 being the potential candidates.

The PRC obtained an example of the MiG-21U from Egypt in 1979, and the aircraft was later handed over to Guizhou for reverse-engineering. The aircraft made its maiden flight in July 1985 and was certified for design finalisation in 1987. The JJ-7 production began in late 1987. A s well as serving with the PLA, the aircraft was also sold to foreign customers under the designation FT-7.

The JJ-7 has been widely used by the PLAAF and PLANAF for J-7 and J-8 pilots training. Generally similar to the J-7II fighter in aerodynamic performance, the JJ-7 has increased take-off/landing speeds and is less manoeuvrable. The aircraft provides a poor cockpit visibility, particularly for the trainer seated in the rear cockpit.

As a two-seat variation, the JJ-7 has a second cockpit added for the trainer. One more vertical fin is fitted to maintain the stability after the body change. As the second cockpit reduces the size of the main internal fuel tanks, the aircraft has an enlarged dorsal spine behind the cockpit to provide additional space for extra fuel.

The two canopies are both to be opened to the right hand. A periscope could be used by the trainer in the rear seat during the take-off and landing. The JJ-7 has dual flight control systems and an intercom for communications between the two pilots. For training purpose, the aircraft is equipped with a fault simulation system that can control the aircraft to simulate various emergent situations. A flight information recorder can record the flight data for later analysis and reviewing. The aircraft is also fitted with improved air-conditioning.

The aircraft is powered by a WP-7B turbojet engine rated at 43.15kN dry and 59.82kN with afterburning. On-board avionics include a Type 226 ranging radar, SM-8AE optical sight, CT-3 radio, BDP-4B horizontal direction indicator, and LZ-2-II compass. Later variants were also fitted with head-up displays (HUD) and radar warning receiver (RWR).

The JJ-7 retained some combat capability, with a 30mm Type 30-I cannon carrying 60 rounds fitted in the lower fuselage. The centre fuselage station is bumped to carry a 720 litre drop tank. The two under-wing stations can carry two 480 litre drop tanks, or armaments such as PL-2 or PL-5 air-to-air missile or unguided rocket launcher. The improved JJ-7P has four under-wing stations to carry additional armaments.


JJ-7 (FT-7): Copy of the MiG-21U Mongol-A. First flew in July 1985
JJ-7A (FT-7A): Improved variant with HUD and updated avionics. First flew in November 1990
FT-7P: Export variant for the Pakistani Air Force (PAF)
FT-7B: Export variant
FT-7N: Export variant
FT-7PG: Export variant for the PAF

Crew: Two
Dimensions: Wingspan: 7.154m; Length: 13.950m; Height: 4.100m
Weight: Max take-off 8,500kg
Max speed: Mach 2.05
Ferry range: 1,010km



The Original Bantam

The Micro Aviation B22 Bantam is a New Zealand “microlight aircraft“ designed and produced by Max Clear in New Zealand.

Bat Hawk LSA - Big Brother

The new South African Bat Hawk has been designed and developed by Micro Aviation South Africa primarily for surveillance and is the most affordable light sport aircraft on the market.

Several major design changes were incorporated into the Bat Hawk, which included a larger six-cylinder Jabiru engine with more substantial cheek plates and engine mountings and increased all up weight to 540 kg, stronger main gear, larger 'bush' tyres, improved brakes, increased fuel tank capacity to 80 / 100 litres, zip open / close luggage area, MGL EMS, stronger wing spars and wing struts, re-designed more streamlined nose pod and a much larger windscreen for improved visibility. Perhaps the most obvious visual change is the fact that the new larger windscreen is now positioned forwards of the front no.1 down tube, thereby creating a much roomier cockpit.

There is a big demand for this LSA aircraft in the surveillance and conservation industries and Micro Aviation believes that contrarily to what is published, the Bat Hawk is the only true 'bush-plane' on the market. “Other manufacturers advertise 'bush planes', but they all have propellers that are far too close to the ground, which are damaged by grass, sticks, stones and sand. On the other hand the Bat Hawk has its engine and propeller installed high up out of the 'damage area' and also very importantly,” out of the pilot's line of sight”. All of the other supposed 'bush planes' have high instrument panels which severely limit and restrict outward visibility. The Bat Hawk's cockpit is very similar to that of a helicopter with excellent forward visibility as well as to both sides. All parts and materials have been sourced in South Africa, fabricated and approved.


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