By Willie Bodenstein

Competing at Vereeniging was the second last change competitors had of being selected to from part of the South African Team that would represent the country in the World Aerobatic Championships set to take place in Yugoslavia in 2014.

Seventeen pilots entered and the weather was perfect except for a strong wind that fortunately stayed on the nose for most of the day.

Three pilots contested the Graduate Class:

Derek Bird in the Robin R2 160i

Conrad Botha in the RV7

Mark Voget in the Sbach

Four in the Sportsman Class:

Jason Alexander in the Yak 52

Pierre du Plooy in the Giles 202

Riaan Prinsloo in the Yak 18T

Trevor Warner in the RV7
Two in the Intermediate Class:

Justus Venter in the Pitts S1S

Rob du Plooy in the Giles 202

As was to be expected the competition was fierce, especially so in the hotly contested advanced class which had seven entries.

Cliff Lotter in the Zlin 50

Charles Urban in the Extra 300

Leigh Le Gonidec in the Sbach

Cliff Pike in the Giles 202

Elton Bondi in the Extra 300

Neville Ferreira in the Slick 540

Bertus du Preez in the Slick 360

Whilst Barrie Eeles was the sole participant in the Unlimited Class in the Sbach.

The contest director was Barrie Eeles and John Gaillard the Chief Judge.

Judges and assistants

The results were not available when this was published but will be published in the Midweek Update of Wednesday 4 December 2013.

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