By Willie Bodenstein

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O.R.Tambo to Abu Dhabi, eight hours. Abu Dhabi to Chicago, fourteen hours. Chicago to Oshkosh, three hours. Is it worth it? Hell yeeeeeeesss!!!!

Approach to Abu Dhabi, Grand Prix circuit in the background

Thirteen hours and fifty minutes, one long flight

The weather is perfect, cool at night, sunny and pleasant during the day. The campsite is almost fully completed. Tents are up and ready, Maintenance on the Hut being done with some materials kindly donated by our American friends. Last night the six of us had our first braai, one inch thick and succulent American steaks and Brats and off course some Budweisers and Klippies and Pepsi.

The South African Campsite, Camp Plakkersfontein

Ray, Gary, Neil and Carolyn

Hunderds of RV's (Recreational Vehicles or Mobile Homes) are already parked at the grounds and the buzz to the build is electric.

And then the highlight of the day, a visit to the Kermits Week hangar at Wittman Airfield, home of the EAA Ford Trimotors and Boeing B17 amongst others.

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