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2. Canso outlines vision to improve African air safety
3. Africa's 2014's Hazards, Incidents, Accidents and Safety Occurrences
4. Emergency Response Planning
5. Henley Global Safety and Quality Training
6. FSF endorses state letter arising from ICAO task force on safety information protection
7. IATA launches aviation cyber security toolkit
8. Airline News
9. News from the Johannesburg Airports
10. Safety and Security
11. SAAFA donations
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October proved to be a much better month in terms of accidents and incidents on the African Continent. As we are heading towards the Festive Season we should all take a halt and review our performance and capabilities. Along with the festive season comes the risks of poor weather conditions, flying in the same area as pilots who do not fly very often, congested runways and aprons combined with trainee pilots who have been given a PPL course as a Christmas Present.

Make it a New Year's resolution to attend your home base's Airport Safety Meetings and be part of a pro-active community who take aviation safety very seriously.



"The ATM [air traffic management] industry has made good progress but there is still a long way to go. Both the industry and States can take important measures to further improve safety and transform ATM performance." That was the position Jeff Poole, director general of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (Canso), expressed as he outlined the organization's vision to improve aviation safety in Africa, while also achieving seamless regional airspace by explaining the steps necessary to transform ATM performance.

"Aviation is vital to African development, and air traffic management is critical to the safety, growth and development of aviation across the continent," commented Poole at Canso's October 8 Africa Conference in Abuja, Nigeria. "One of Canso's strategies in improving safety in the region is to support a runway safety program to educate airport managers, ANSPs, pilots and air traffic controllers about the causes and risks related to unstable approaches.

Poole added, "Many ANSPs have difficulty in adequately funding the modernization and expansion of infrastructure." Canso believes revenues generated by the civil aviation sector should be re-invested in the sector and that regional cooperation and integration is the best way to secure cost-effective investments and achieve better returns.



04 Jan Ran s-ses coyote II 1 Breede River between Cape Infanta and Swellendam, WC, RSA
14 Jan FA52 SAB 2 Nr Kabanje, Bwiketo Village, Zambia
20 Jan Antonov 28 0 On the approach into Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
24 Jan Jonker JS-1C Revelation 1 Tempe Airport, Bloemfontein, RSA
28 Jan KR2 (Homebuilt) 1 Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria, RSA
29 Jan Giles G-202 1 Alexandria, EC, RSA
03 Feb Beechcraft C90GTi 3 Lanseria International Airport, RSA
06 Feb PA25 0 Field adjacent to Parys Aerodrome, Free State, RSA
11 Feb C130 Hercules 77 Ouled Gacem, Oum El Bouaghi Province, 500 km east of Algiers, Algeria.
13 Feb Baron 58 0 Lanseria International Airport, RSA
15 Feb Aeros 2 1 Heidelberg, RSA
16 Feb Cessna 182 Tug Plane 1 Orient Hills, Magaliesburg, GP, RSA
17 Feb BAe-748-371 1 Bentiu, South Sudan
21 Feb Antonov 26 11 20 miles from Tunis-Carthage Airport, Tunisia
08 Mar TBA 1 75km from Ondongwa Airport, Etosha National Park, Namibia
11 Mar Tetras 2 Antananarivo, Madagascar
15 Mar Ravin 500 3 Camperdown, Kwazulu Natal, RSA
27 Mar Legacy 0 Spier Wine Estate, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, RSA
15 Apr TBA 1 Farm near Melkbosstrand, Cape Town, RSA
22 Apr Piper PA-46 2 20 km South of Niekerkshoop NC, RSA
26 Apr Challenger 0 Lanseria, RSA
19 May TBA 2 York Farm Area, Lusaka West, Zambia
10 Jun Mirage 2000D 0 Between Gao in Mali and Niamey in Niger
13 Jun Light aircraft 0 Stellenbosch Airfield, WC, RSA
17 Jun Cessna Caravan C208 3 Mpumalanga, RSA
02 Jul Fokker 50 4 Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, Kenya
24 Jul MD83 116 Gao, Mali
10 Aug Cessna 206 0 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
0 Aug Microlight 0 Nakazaza, Rundu, Namibia
19 Aug L410 4 southern vicinity of Kahuzi-Biega Park near to the village of Kalika, Mulume Munene (approximate coordinates of crash site: S2.5 E28.6), DRC
22 Aug Cessna 206 0 Fort Portal, Uganda
26 Aug TBA (Light Aircraft) TBA Manda Bay, Lamu West, Kenya
27 Aug L39 2 Taez, Yemen
30 Aug AN12BK 7 Tamenrasset Airport, Algeria
31 Aug F27-500 3 Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
04 Sep SF 260 Genet 2 Charles Prince Airport, Harare, Zimbabwe
13 Sep Scheibe Falke SF25B 0 Springs Airport, GP, RSA
13 Sep Crop Sprayer 1 Heidelberg, in the Southern Cape, RSA
15 Sep Cessna 172 0 White River, Mpumalanga, RSA
15 Sep Cessna 172 2 Newcastle KZN, RSA
15 Sep Air Tractor 802 1 Vrede nr Pietretief, Mpumalanga, RSA
21 Sep L39 6 Cairo Military Airfield, Egypt
13 Oct SU-24 2 Hassi Bahbah Airbase, Algeria
Source, amongst others, PlaneCrash; News24, Aviation Herald, Flight Safety Information


07 Jan Eurocopter AS 350 (Squirrel) 0 Grand Central Airport, GP, RSA
12 Jan RH44 1 Nr Gwanda Town, Zimbabwe
27 Feb RH22 0 Virginia Airport, KZ, RSA
09 Mar MI24 0 Nr Zarzaitine Airport, In Ameras, Algeria
10 Mar RH22 0 Northern Cape, RSA
15 Mar Ravin 500 3 Close to Emoyeni Lodge private airfield in a sugar cane field, KZN, RSA
27 Mar RH22 0 Freeway private airstrip, NE of Wonderboom Aerodrome, GP, RSA
11 Apr Military TBA 3 Grootfontein, Namibia
13 Apr Bell 412 0 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
21 Jul Mi-35 2 South of Bama, Borno Province, Nigeria
22 Jul TBA 6 Benina Airbase, Benghazi, Libya
26 Aug MI18 TBA Bentiu, S. Sudan
01 Sep Super Stallion 0 Gulf of Aden.
22 Sep RH44 2 Nr. Bulwer, KZN, RSA
25 Sep RH44 2 Rand Airport, RSA
28 Oct RH44 0 Nyabihu District, Rwanda



INC 19 Oct A321-200 Cairo, Egypt A/C was accelerating for takeoff from Cairo International Airport's runway 23C when it rejected takeoff at low speed due to an indication that the cockpit voice recorder had failed. The aircraft returned to the apron. COM
INC 20 Oct B737-700 Mombasa Airport, Kenya 0 En-route from Indira Gandhi Airport, Delhi (India) to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi (Kenya) had to be diverted to Moi International Airport Mombasa after it developed a mechanical fault in the fuel control system. . COM
INC 28 Oct BAE146 Kotoka International Airport, Ghana 0 Diverted for an emergency (forced) landing due to hydraulic failure COM



ALL Goma, DRC Construction Hazards - Aerodrome being fenced and runway is being rehabilitated
ALL Goma, DRC Unmanned aircraft
ALL Lubumbashi, DRC Construction Hazards - runway and taxiway re-habilitation taking place involving RWY closures - check NOTAMS
ALL Kadugli, Sudan Lack of ATC and AR&FFS
ALL O R Tambo, RSA Birds
ALL Cape Town Heliport Birds
ALL Wau, Sudan Eagles
ALL Juba, Sudan Very poor ATC with only 1 frequency. Crews must be on the look out for other aircraft in their vicinity.
Vehicular traffic not obeying any regulations in terms of overtaking aircraft on taxiways and weaving in and out of aircraft on the apron.


Blake Emergency Services is the International Crisis Management and Contingency Planning Consultancy who, although based in the UK, have serious experience in Africa having handled accidents, incidents, counselling, repatriation, DNA sampling and confirmation, in amongst others Lagos, Nigeria; Fez, Morocco; Pointe Noire, Congo; Moroni, Comores; Maputo, Mozambique. Please go to or contact

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Blake Emergency Services then please do not hesitate to contact Rethea at the address given above.


Should you wish to make a booking for any of these courses please contact Candice on 011 024 5446 or by email to


10 November CRM - Recurrent Verity Wallace R 750=00
10 November Dangerous Goods - Recurrent Verity Wallace R 750=00
17-18 November Human Factors Dr. Joel Hughes R 2,250=00
24-25 November Quality Assurance Auditor Course Dan Drew R 2,250=00
01 December CRM - Recurrent Verity Wallace R 750=00
01 December Dangerous Goods - Recurrent Verity Wallace R 750=00
01-02 December SMS - ISMC Various R 2,250=00
03-05 December Air Safety Officer Course Various R 3,250=00
01-05 December Integrated Safety Management Course Various R 5,500=00

Note: Cost per delegate includes all training materials, refreshments and lunch.
Note: Attendees paying in cash on the day are eligible for a 10% discount
Note: Both Recurrent CRM and Dangerous Goods Training Courses are available upon request - even at short notice.
First Aid and the Law, please contact
Emergency Response, Incident Response, Operations Control, Emergency Response and Family Assistance training together with the writing of Emergency Response Plans and Procedures training is now offered by Blake Emergency Services. For more information, please contact Rethea on

Watch this space for details on the new Henley Global AVSEC Familiarisation Course required by all under Part 111 Regulation 111.01.3 and Safety Induction Training (SMS) as required either under the Part relevant to your operation or Part 140.


Alexandria, VA, October 27, 2014 - The Flight Safety Foundation announced today called for strong support and swift adoption of the recommendations developed by the ICAO Safety Information Protection Task Force (SIP TF), which were presented for comment to all the member states of ICAO for new amendments to Annex 6, 13, and 19 related to the protection of safety data.

"If we are to enhance aviation safety along with increased traffic projections around the world, Contracting States must rely to a far greater extent on predictive, data-driven systems that rely on voluntary cooperation and agreements to ensure participation," stated Jon Beatty, FSF President and CEO, in the letter sent to ICAO today. "Yet, absent adequate SIP, these valuable open reporting systems will dry up and go away."

Beatty added: "If some States continue to prosecute individuals and companies for well intentioned, but tragic mistakes, we may never learn why and how they made them to prevent it from happening again. If some States continue to introduce the entirety of official accident investigation reports into evidence to establish liability in civil litigation, then companies understandably will begin to take more adversarial and protective positions in accident investigations, which under Annex 13 are to be used solely for safety, not liability, purposes. If some State judicial systems sanction the compulsory discovery of voluntary disclosure reporting systems to establish liability, organized labour and companies will revisit their participation in these critical safety systems."

According to Beatty, "States simply must take swift and comprehensive actions now to protect aviation safety data from its unintended use and abuse in both common and civil law justice systems." Beatty noted that the proposals embodied in the State Letter represent highly useful and effective means for States to implement adequate protection, regardless of their underlying legal systems.

The SIP TF, with FSF general counsel Kenneth Quinn as vice-chair, was tasked in 2011 by ICAO to examine this issue and spent more than two years researching the issue of safety data protection. Its research included extensive sessions with family groups, prosecutors, aerospace companies, airlines, plaintiff's lawyers, and defence counsel. Several of its important recommendations include:

? Create an environment that promotes the flow of safety information, voluntary reporting, and protection of those who voluntarily report;
? Move away from voluntary guidance and require Contracting States to adjust their domestic legislation and regulations to meet ICAO's SIP Standards and Recommended Practices of Annexes 6, 13, and 19;
? Provide Contracting States clear parameters on using safety information (i.e., providing a definition of appropriate and inappropriate uses) and require Contracting States to adopt formal procedures for the protection of safety information, with a clear focus on maintaining and improving aviation safety, balance of the Contracting States' need for the proper administration of justice, and cooperation with Contracting States' judicial authorities;
? Permit flexibility for Contracting States to meet the SIP principles according to the laws and regulations of each State;
? Call upon Contracting States to assign internal responsibilities with regard to SIP, requiring the establishment of a competent authority to determine exceptions to the protection of safety information under the particular facts and circumstances;
? Recognize that the disclosure of safety information should remain exceptional (i.e., situations of gross negligence or wilful misconduct) and justified (i.e., necessary to maintain and improve safety) for the use of such information in the administration of justice.

The Foundation called on all States to support the important safety advances by endorsing this State Letter by October 31, 2014.

Flight Safety Foundation is an independent, non-profit, international organization engaged in research, education, advocacy and publishing to improve aviation safety. The Foundation's mission is to be the leading voice of safety for the global aerospace community.


WASHINGTON, DC - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) launched its Aviation Cyber Security Toolkit which helps the air transport industry, including airlines, airports and air traffic management, to identify, assess and mitigate, among others, cyber risks in IT infrastructure across their operations.

"The aviation industry depends on essential IT infrastructure functioning reliably. While the industry has put in place best practices to protect its IT infrastructure, the threat is ever-evolving. The Aviation Cyber Security Toolkit provides guidance to help airlines and their partners stay one step ahead of those with intent to do harm through cyber-attacks" said Carolina Ramirez, IATA's Global Director of Aviation Security and Facilitation, at the AVSEC World conference in Washington, DC.

The toolkit provides a detailed analysis of the current cyber threats and helps airlines and aviation security stakeholders identify ways to protect their critical IT infrastructures. These include reservation systems, departure control, aircraft maintenance, crew planning and flight management as well as technologies for electronic flight bags, e-enablement of aircraft and air traffic management.


FlySafair has announced that they will start flying between Johannesburg and George as well as Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth from the 3rd of December 2014. Bookings have already been opened and airfares start at R499* for a one way flight.


RAND AIRPORT, GERMISTON - www.randairport,co,za
The last Safety Meeting of 2014 was held on 4th November 2014 at 09.00 in the Old Customs Hall. There are no Safety Meetings in December 2014 or January 2015 so the next Safety Meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd February 2015

Next Safety, Security and Stakeholders Meeting will be held on 11th November at 12.00 in the LIA Training School and the next one will be held on Tuesday 10th February 2015


It is everyone in the aviation industry's responsibility to be on the look-out for passengers or crew members or other staff members who appear to be unwell. The spread of Ebola across the planet is really only a matter of time and we should all do everything that we can to delay this.

Aviation Security Programmes for all types of air operators is now becoming a requirement and includes General Aviation Operators. Should you need any assistance with producing one please do not hesitate to contact us at Global Aviation Consultants.


Should you wish to make a donation to this more than worthy cause then please pay it (via EFT or as a deposit) into;
Standard Bank Bedford Gardens; Bank Code 018 305; Account Name: SA Air Force Association (JHB Branch); Account Number: 022 605 568. You may use either your Company or Individual name along with the word donation as the reference.


Helicopter Safety Effort

The Federal Aviation Administration's Rotorcraft Directorate is seeking comments from helicopter pilots, mechanics, flight safety officers and others associated with personal/private, instructional/training and aerial application industries about what you would like to see in a safety forum.

The Rotorcraft Directorate will host a three-day safety forum April 21-23, 2015, in Hurst, Texas, a Fort Worth suburb, USA. The forum's purpose is to discuss ways to improve flight safety particularly among personal/private, instructional/training and aerial application industries. These three industries have consistently high accident numbers. Before we begin planning the forum, we want to know what lectures, displays, events and programs would encourage you to attend and what topics you think would be of the most value. Also, what forums have you attended that you particularly liked and why?

Please contact me directly at or at the

FAA Rotorcraft Directorate,
2601 Meacham Boulevard,
Fort Worth, Texas 76137. F

or information about our safety conference visit,

SITUATIONS VACANT. If you are interested and qualified please send your CV to

Part Time Consultant Air Safety Officers required who comply with the requirements of SA CARS Part 135, Part 121, Part 127, Part 140, Part 141 and Part 145 - must have had appropriate SMS training, previous experience and preferably been approved by the South African Air Services Licencing Council.

Part Time Quality Assurance Consultants required who are appropriately qualified and comply with the requirements of Part 135, Part 121, Part 127, Part 140, Part 141 and Part 145.

Part Time Aviation Security Consultant required who is appropriately qualified for RSA and International Operations


Can we help you with your aviation safety
and / or quality requirements?

Under SA CAR 140.01.2 if you and your organisation hold one of the following

? a category 4 or higher aerodrome licence;
? an ATO approval;
? an aircraft maintenance organisation approval;
? a manufacturing organisation approval ;
? an ATSU approval;
? a design organisation approval;
? an AOC issued in terms of Part 121, 127, 135, 141;
? a procedure design organisation approval; and
? an electronic services organisation approval,

then you shall establish a Safety Management System for the control and supervision of the services rendered or to be rendered by that organisation.

If you do not already have an approved Air Safety Officer and an approved Safety Management System then please contact us for assistance.

We, at Global Aviation Consultants, deliver the following SA CAA Approved training courses for Air Safety Officers at Rand Airport;
? Safety Management Systems
? Integrated Safety Officer Course
? Quality Assurance Auditor
? Crew Resource Management (Initial and Recurrent)
? Dangerous Goods
? Human Factors for AME's

Should your operation be of a size whereby the full time employment of an Air Safety Officer and/or Quality Assurance Officer is not financially viable then we can provide you with Consultants who have previously held Air Services Licensing Council approval. We can also provide you with a tailor made SA CAA approved Safety Management System.

For further information on how we can help you please contact Rethea or Candice in Hanger 6, Rand Airport, Germiston on 011-024--5446/7 or e-mail

Global Aviation Consultants accepts no liability for the content of this email, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited.

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