Paramount Group SAAF Museum Air Show 2015

By Willie Bodenstein and Juri Keyter

The SAAF Museum came into being because of the tireless efforts of 24 Squadron wartime veteran and author Col Peter M.J. McGregor whose campaign for a museum to preserve South Africa's rich aviation heritage on 26 October 1973 resulted in government approval being obtained through the offices of the Minister of Defence for the establishment of the SAAF Museum.

The museum is self-sustaining and its annual air show contributes in a significant manner to acquire the required finances in order to finance restoration projects and to keep the museums large fleet of airworthy aircraft flying. Besides its regular fly days held on the first Saturday of each month the museum hosts it annual air show during May and in the last 3 years the show has twice been voted the best air show.

The main sponsor for Saturday's show was the Paramount Group, Africa's largest privately owned defence and aerospace business. Paramount is a world leader in defence and security innovation with an exceptional reputation for developing and delivering integrated solutions for defence, internal security and peacekeeping forces across the world and has been the main sponsor of the show for the last three years. “Parabot”, Paramount's robot towered over the show.

The theme of this year's show was “95 Years of Aviation Excellence-Celebrating 21 Years of Democracy.” Nearly 100 aircraft participated and besides food and refreshment stalls there was also plenty of entertainment on the ground. More than 45,000 people flocked through the gates and the 1,300 long flight line was packed ten deep with spectators that were treated to a feast of fast jets……..

Classic jets……..

Classic bi-planes……

The cream of the crop of aerobatic performers and formation teams……

Simulated warfare……


Powered parachutes……

Helicopter displays…..

Classic fighters and Warbirds…..

Other military…….

Airliners old and new……

And a brief display by ARHLAC, Paramount's innovative locally designed reconnaissance and attack aircraft.

On the Friday preceding the show the Museum hosted an Aviation Careers Expo whilst a number of flying schools were present on Saturday tp provide information on the process involved to become an aviator.

The SAAF Museum air show has become a favourite on the aviation calendar. This year it had the full support of the Air Force and the program was packed with action and ran smoothly with only a few breaks between acts.

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