The importance of updating your insurance

By Franz Smit

You need to have a sit down at least once a year to have a proper look at your insurance, investments and healthcare needs. I'm not talking about a cup of coffee, everything is fine let's move on to the next thing... I mean really approach from an angle where you have no insurance or investments, find out what your needs are and how your needs have changed that year and then decide on what changes to make with what you have.

Updating your insurance portfolio also gives you the opportunity to ask for a second opinion and possibly get a fresh approach to insurance.

Updating your insurance also means that any changes in your "JOB" is noted.

Did you know:

• Flying a different type of aircraft to the one you were flying when you took out insurance could be non-disclosure and cause your insurance to not pay out.
• Flying in different countries that is not specifically disclosed with application
• You are only covered with the information that the insurance company received of you.
• Only an aviation specialist know what the correct information is to provide an insurance house that ensures you are correctly covered
• "If you settle for a non-specialist, don't expect the correct diagnoses"
• "What most people have been doing is going to a GP with a Heart problem, yet the heart specialist is right next door and costs the same money"

We have said this many times before; aviation is a specialised field with a unique and specific approach to having the correct insurance.

Every day we are meeting new clients, it is very exciting and amazing to see the business grow, but it is terrifying that most people we meet are not covered for their flying, when they honestly believe that they are.

Please don't be a statistic, don't be the story in the pub how that "guy" was not insured properly and....

We are specialists in the field, we are here to help and asking us to have a look and review your insurance won't cost you a cent. (We work on commission only)

Sounds like a no brainer to me,

Franz Smit - Aviation Insurance

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