Kliprivier Breakfast Fly-In 2016

By Bennie Henning

Rainbow Air School Hanger under the guidance of Donovan O' Grady at Kliprivier Airfield, 26 kilometres South of Alberton, invited all to fly-in or drive-in on the 20th of February 2016 for a social get together with free coffee and hotdogs.

Although the wind picked up from after 7 o'clock, it did not deter a small number of visitors to fly-in and enjoy the morning with fellow aviators and friends.

Super Decathlon

Aquila Trike

Windlass Trike based at Parys

Vans RV-12

A few gentle fly-by's were done by Paul from Springs in his yellow Zodiac. The wings were modified for speed and extended on the tips. You can see he is an old hand when it comes to displays and enjoying flying.

Paul and his Zodiac

Donovan O' Grady gave us all a good thought for the day in the hangar with what to do in case an aviation accident occurs and who to contact. Things we take for granted. He then introduced Derick Bird, Chief Flying Instructor and Owner of Bird Aviation from Vereeniging. Eagerly awaited passengers one-by-one made their way to the Super Decathlon during the morning for a 15 minute aerobatic flip high over the airfield, that included basic aerobatics and once he showed us a one-turn spin. The first time I saw one done by a Super Decathlon.
It was a great opportunity for all that wanted to experience the thrills of aerobatics and did not know where to go to get the opportunity. It was also a great initiative by the organisers of the event. Well done.

The Rainbow School Hanger Breakfast Fly-In / Free Hotdog is a social event, where the Air School prides itself in making flying a safer and more pleasurable sport and encourages the whole family to participate.

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