Airlink Wonderboom Adrenaline Airshow 2016

By Juri Keyter Willie Bodenstein and Cheryl Smit

This weekend's Airlink Wonderboom Adrenaline Airshow was not just another aviation event; it was a spectacular of all things loud and fast that transformed the airport into an arena where horsepower, both in the air and on the ground, reigned supreme.

Part of Wonderboom Airport's 80th birthday celebrations and organised by Christiaan Majorana of Wonderboom's landmark Villa San Giovannis's restaurant in partnership with the City of Tshwane and the tenants of Wonderboom airport the Airlink Wonderboom Adrenaline Airshow seamlessly combined aviation and motorsport in a display of smoke, speed, daring and noise never seen before in South Africa. A first for South African air shows the purposely laid out 4,1Km race track and a 950 metre drag race strip gave those that flocked to the airport a unique mix of aviation and motorsport.

Held over two day besides the top aerobatics acts the crowd were treated to a feast of muscle cars, hot rods, amazing motorbikes, live music, great food and refreshments as well as a kid's entertainment park that kept the little ones busy.

As is now customary the event kicked off with a youth aviation careers day on the Friday and Cheryl Smit reported that 10,000 learners arrived and filled the grand stands to capacity. They were invited by the Airlink Adrenaline Wonderboom Airshow to come and experience the many career options available to them in aviation and motorsport.

They pupils were divided into manageable groups of 35 and taken on a guided tour to all the various exhibits set up on the apron of the Wonderboom Airport where they had the opportunity to interact with leaders in the industry to turn their passion for aviation or motorsport into a rewarding education and a fulfilling career.

South African Airlink provided the students with an opportunity to board their Bae 146/Avro RJ85 static display parked on the apron. Once seated aboard they were briefed on the various career choices that were available to them.

As it was also validation day for the participating aircraft, the learners were entertained by a number of air displays, motorbike and car racing.

It is impossible to describe each thrilling display in detail so we have decided to rather bring you a visual representation of the day's action.

The determination and hard work of the Lisa Mangu and Jabukani Mapumulo (City Council of Tshwane), Christian Majorana (Villa San Giovanni), Chris Briers (AirTeam), Jakes van Staden (Hot Rod Shop) and Brian Emmenis of Capital Sounds made it all possible.

Featuring thirty seven adrenaline pumping acts the Airlink Wonderboom Adrenaline Airshow set a new standard for aviation events that will be hard to follow.

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