Oshkosh 2016-Day Seven- Relaxing, strolling and air show

By Juri Keyter and Willie Bodenstein

Video summary

Today was the last day of AirVenture 2016 and unlike yesterday and most of the week, when Wittman Airfield resembled a bustling city; it now has a small town feel. Most of the visiting aircraft have departed and the campsite that was jammed packed with more 43,000 campers from 66 different countries now resembles a ghost town.

The flight line was almost deserted and that in itself is not bad news since one does have to fight for space for the afternoon's airshow that in the opinion of most was probably the best of the week.

Two South African companies, Rainbow Skyreach, manufacturers of the Bush Cat and The Airplane Factory, manufacturers of the Sling regularly exhibit at AirVenture and they reported doing brisk business.

As usual we travelled with Neil Bowden's AirAdventure Tours and stayed at the campsite on Wittman Airfield. This was Neil's 20th consecutive tour and he and Caroline has got the camping option down to a tee. Travelling with Neil's group is the most affordable option whilst camping on the field allows you to set your own schedule.

Looking after your tummy's the catering staff

A typical supper at Camp Plakkersfontien

For more information contact Neil at
neil@telkomsa.net or go to www.airadventure.co.za

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