By Dave Robbie

The Motorised Aviation and Gliding Association of South Africa (MOGAS) held their first formal outing at the Kroonstad Gliding club on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19th February.

What an awesome event it was. Gliding as most people know is a team sport and the Denner family of Kroonstad are the masters of team work. Attended by over 40 people with motor gliders and LSA's coming from as far afield as Harrismith, Springs, Harmony and others.

Most of us travelled by road because of the threatening weather but on arrival on Saturday morning we were all pleasantly surprised to find the airfield in tip top condition. The runways were all recently mowed and the winch and the club K7 and K13 were sitting on the threshold ready for launch. The tent was up, chairs out and the boerie rolls ready. The more adventurous braved the weather and flew in. Daniel Ralefeta and Brian Khumalo flying in with the Falke from Airplay in Springs.

What a great two days of gliding we had. It was obvious that the passion at Kroonstad is to fly, with over 30 launches for the weekend, aero tow and winch, we had two dual and two single seat gliders and two motor gliders in the air. There was no shortage of willing instructors ready to give anyone who arrived an opportunity to experience the joy of flying with natures energy to keep you up.

We all enjoyed a Saturday evening braai and flying talk around a huge bonfire during which the challenge was put out; first launch as the sun rises Sunday morning. Wow what a start to a new day of gliding, four launches before 7am followed by a breakfast, gliding has never been this good. Thank you MOGAS and the Kroonstad Gliding Club. (Rika the "melktert" was a winner, thank you!)

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