SAPFA Rally Training Camp Kitty Hawk-Champions in the Making

Right to left - Jonty Esser (SAPFA Chairman), Deon Van Zyl, Morne Greeff, Frank Ekcard (Current World Champion) And Andre Kluyts

Thank you to all that attended and to all the Protean's that put time aside to help transfer their skills on our training camp. (Ron Stirk, Rob Jonkers, Martin Meyer, Frank Eckard, Cally Eckard and Jonty Esser).

Special thanks to Rob Jonkers that gave a presentation detailing the exciting Rally flying competitions.

After the presentation and a short video ( this will be available on You-Tube soon ), Rob and Martin created a straight line route for the new competition pilots to fly accompanied with Protean Pilots Jonty Esser and Frank Eckard.

During the flight the Protean's demonstrated the techniques to get to the turn point within a 5 second window.

Deon van Zyl said "WOW I didn't realised how much piloting of the aircraft is required to get within the scoring window at a turn point"

Morne Greeff said "I have learnt so much and really want to fly more competitions in the near future"

Right To Left - Martin Meyer, Deon Van Zyl, Cally Ekcard, Morne Greeff, Frank Ekcard (Current World Champion) and Andre Kluyts

See you at the next one in Brits - click here to enter online:


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