Oshkosh AirVenture 2017 Day 2

By Wille Bodenstein and Juri Keyter

Video summary

Day two at Oshkosh and the crowds again were noticeably larger than ever before. If this trend continues on Wednesday, one of the most popular days because of the night show, it will probably break all previous records.

While I visited Warbird Alley, Juri took a RV-14, the latest Van's Aircraft model for a flight from Oshkosh. Although Juri has flown RVs for many years, the RV grin was back as if it was his first flight.

An ex South African Spitfire, the Spitfire that was on a pole at Barnett's Scrapyard in Cape Town, is now a resident in the USA and it stole the show. One could barely get close to her whilst the large number of Mustangs stood rather forlornly.

Oshkosh 2017 is the year of the bomber and the crowds flocked to the hardstand where one can get up close to these iconic WWII aircraft. There are no fences or obstructions so you can move around freely and get really close. Only when an aircraft is ready for start-up and taxi will its section be out of bounds.

Not all warbirds are parked at Oshkosh. Large numbers, especially those that partake in the daily displays are located at Appleton, Fond da Lac and other fields.

During today's afternoon air show we were spoilt with a one hour Warbird of America exhibition. Two B29 Superfortresses and twelve B25 Mitchels rumbled overhead. Of course the finale with two P-51s, an A10 and a F35 was also a first of a kind formation appearance.

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