Airlink and EAA Young Eagles at Rand 2017

By Willie Bodenstein

On Saturday 21 October another in a series of an Airlink initiative to expose mostly learners from outlying areas to the wealth of employment opportunities that exists in the aviation industry was held at Rand Airport.

Students wishing to take part apply to be part of the program and then undergo a screening process that ultimately is rewarded by a flight in a light aircraft. The Airlink initiative is held in conjunction with the EAA of SA Young Eagles program and members of the EAA fly the successful candidates at their own cost.

Saturdays students are the second batch and were from schools in the Bloemfontein/ Kimberley areas. The thirty plus that had passed the criterea were flown flown by Airlink from Bloemfontein to OR Tambo and bussed to the EAA's Auditorium at Rand where there pilots awaited then for what was to be for most their first flight in a light aircraft.

Not all the children wanted to become pilots. A large number has set their hearts on other sectors in the industry

Left: This was Jayd's (15) second time flying and he has set his heart on becoming an aeronautical or electronic engineer. Right: It was Leon's (16) first flight and he said; “Being in the sky was so great that I now also want to become a pilot.”

Left: It was also Blennie's (14) first flight and she is more interested in the mechanical aspect of aviation. Right: Kalalalo (15) has set her heart on becoming an Air Traffic Controller.

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