Peter Hengst Memorial Fly In - Brits 2017

By Jaco Pitout

Saturday 11 November saw the 9th annual fly in commemorating the life of EAA Chapter 322 chairman Peter Hengst. Peter's accomplishments are well documented in that he accompanied Chalkie Stobbart on two flights to Oshkosh once in 1992 in a Fairchild and a second time in 2003 in an RV6.

Brits flying club came about in 1954 when students were trained on a Tiger Moth as well as a Chipmunk that was obtained from Johannesburg Light Plane Club at Baragwanath. Over the years the flying club has established itself as the home of many Springbok Pilots in both navigation and rally flying cementing its' place as one of the premier flying clubs in the country.

The day's activities started with the visiting microlight pilots making flour bombing runs.

Soon thereafter the visitors started streaming into the event from as far afield as Volksrust.

As is the case with all fly-in events, it would not be complete without a scrumptious breakfast. The arriving pilots were treated to this in the clubhouse.

One of the more unusual arrivals on the day was an immaculate Stampe SV4 from Krugersdorp.

In keeping with the flying club's sporting heritage a short navigation competition was arranged. Upon the return of the competitors they were also required to make a spot landing on the demarcated “bingo” zone on the runway.

The beauty of a navigation race is the camaraderie and the banter before, during and after the event. With many “war” stories being told, it was time for the winners to be announced. With only four aircraft participating in the navigation exercise the stakes were extremely high!

In a tie for third place it was Pierre and Martin in their RV14 along with Neil and Danielle in their RV4. Second place was awarded to Karl and Mary flying ZS-VAL. The winners of the event were local Brits Flying Club members Thys and Pierre flying ZU-AFP.

From L to R Danielle, Neil, Deon, Pierre, Martin

From L to R Pierre, Thys, Christine, Deon, Mary, Karl

Brits can easily be described as one of the most diverse flying clubs in the country with gliding, general aviation and aero-modelling taking place. During the day the RMAC Aero Modelling club also conducted some flying. I am always amazed at how maneuverable these aircraft are. The club members displayed several aircraft on the day.

In closing Karl Jensen spoke about the value and the importance of general aviation. He said that if it was not for events such as these, the general aviation scene would not gain exposure and eventually it would cease to exist. He thanked the organizers of the event for their hard work and dedication to the general aviation environment.

Whether you fly in or drive in, I hope to see you at the next fly in event soon!

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