Aero Club Airweek 9 -11 March 2018

so does the Aero Club!

The Aero Club Airweek is an aviation event just for aviators, just for Aviation enthusiasts, like you.

Our members love aircraft, and anything that flies. From models to jets, aerobatics, gyrocopters, microlights, light sport aircraft, ultralights, gliders, motor gliders, vintage aircraft, and helicopters; and much more. Airshows seem to display the same things, all spectacular but aircraft that generally cost tons of money or are aimed at the public not fellow aviation enthusiasts. So come over for some real grass roots aviation activities.

This year Airweek is being held at Middelburg, and the Middelburg Aero Club is putting all the required plans in place together with the Aero Club to host this event. The Airfields details are shown below.

Register on-line to indicate your attendance plans and catering needs and if you plan to camp on the field.

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Aero Club Airweek 9 to 11 March 2018

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