Klipriver Pylon Racing Saturday 23 June 2018

By Willie Bodenstein

Following on to the first pylon race for weight shift microlights that was held on 14 April 2018 at Klipriver Airfield Saturday's race unfortunately because of the icy cold conditions, strong wind and poor visibility only saw four weight shifts entered.

Shannon and Donovan with Nicholas and Sanele from ER24 who were on standby

A welcoming cup of steamy coffee was ready for those that arrived which helped to east the cold of the chilling bones. On standby, in case of an incident was Nicholas and Sanele from ER24. Fortunately their emergency services were not needed.

Donovan O'Grady and Shannon Bird with Ian Wylde and Allan Pepper

Alan's Savannah

Rounding the pylons

Ian's Savannah

Two fixed wings, the Savannahs of Alan Pepper and Ian Wylde were roped in to bring the number of entrants to six. Alan and Ian respectively finished 1st and 2nd in the 912 class. Alan completed his two circuits in 2 minutes 17 seconds, Ian finished only a second behind him.

Donovan explained the course joining procedures during the safety briefing

Some of the pilots suitably dressed for the cold during the briefing

Again organised by Donovan O'Grady ably assisted by Shannon Bird the event was incident free. The course, an oval with two banners marking the turn points differed slightly from the previous one and the general opinion was that it made for more exciting racing.

Donovan, Shannon and Derek, winner of the 503 class

Donovan, Shannon and Neville who to took second place

Derek Bird and Neville de Villiers competed in the 503 class in their weightshifts with Derek taking first place completing the course in two minutes eighteen seconds. Neville, who took two minutes twenty nine seconds finished in second place. Derek's time around the pylon's in the 503 powered was the fastest of the weightshifts on the day and was only one second slower than that of the fastest 912 powered fixed wing Savanah. No mean feat indeed!

Donovan, Shannon and Kevin Twiggs who won the 582 class completed the course in two minutes twenty seconds

Farley Joseph finished second in two minutes forty three seconds with Shannon and Donovan during the prize giving in the clubhouse

Two more weightshifts that of Farley Joseph and Kevin Twiggs were entered in the 582 class. Kevin Twiggs finished the course in two minutes twenty seconds with Farley Joseph whose time around the pylons was two minutes forty three seconds in second place.

Donovan's efforts in organising the races are laudable indeed and for it to continue it needs the support of MISASA members. There are more than 900 licensed weightshift pilot's in the country, most of which are based in Gauteng and Klipriver Airfield is the ideal venue for the event.

To keep abreast of pylon racing events pilots are urged to join the 'KlipR.TrikePylonRace' on the WhatsApp group.

Many thanks Donovan and the Kilpriver team, especially the ladies for the coffee and tasty hotdogs. Despite the low numbers of entrants all agreed that much fun was had.

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