By Adam Barnard Photos Adam & Johan Barnard

Nestled in the beautiful Loskop Valley, Aloe Bush Lodge held their 2nd Annual, Spring Breakfast Fly Inn on Saturday 1 September. With clear blue skies and only a slight breeze it certainly was the perfect day for a Spring Day Fly Inn!

The first visitors to arrive were a gaggle of weight-shift microlights from Potgietersrus, these guys and girls displayed great discipline and airmanship.

Shortly after 8 'o clock, Aloe Bush Lodge became the busiest "airport" in the Limopo Province with aircraft arriving every 2 minutes.

Notable was a big formation of Gyrocopters from Kitty Hawk, Explorers and Safari's from Petit.

There was also a noticeable number of "Vans Aircraft" ranging from the RV7, RV8, RV10 and RV12, also not shy in attendance was the local designed and manufactured Sling 2.

Unfortunately I counted only 4 Type Certified Aircraft.

Breakfast consisted of home- made bread, eggs, sausage, bacon and of-course "pap & sous" with big pots of coffee brewing on the fire.

A HUGE SUCCESS for the Aloe Bush Lodge team, with 92 aircraft for Breakfast!

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