Rustenburg Breakfast Fly-In 09 February 2019

By Jaco Pitout

Early morning flying in beautifully smooth air is one of my favorite things. That was exactly what greeted us early on the morning of the 9th of February. I invited my brother along to fly with me from Krugersdorp to Rustenburg on the short 30 minute flight.

A brisk Southerly wind blew across the runways at Krugersdorp, a proper crosswind takeoff was in order. We took to runway 26 after preflight and run-up checks.

With the southerly wind blowing at a rate of knots we were overhead Rustenburg in no time. Mindful of the vultures in the area, I crossed the northern ridge at safe height and descended on the northern side for a better view of Buffelspoort Dam and surrounds.

The winds were calm in Rustenburg and as the traffic pattern had been established for 16 I turned downwind after my descent on the dead side of the field and followed the traffic in.

Left hand downwind for 16

We flew to the fly-in in ZU-IBS from that I hired from Dale de Klerk at Alpi Aviation in Krugersdorp. I was surprised to see so many aircraft already on the ground when we arrived shortly after 0700.

With the sun struggling to get its' rays through thin layer of fog, I took station on the eastern side of the runway to capture some arrivals and departures in the best possible light.

The ladies of the Rustenburg flying club were hard at work preparing breakfasts for the 80 plus crews of the aircraft that flew in. The guests were treated to a great breakfast whilst seated either under the lapa's available or the trees that surround the clubhouse.

The turnout was spectacular with more than 80 aircraft in attendance. Anything from a Tiger Moth to Cessna's to a King Air and literally everything in between.

With the breakfast safely on board, it was time to head home to Krugersdorp. I had earlier chatted to Dale de Klerk and asked if he would mind that we do some air to air photography on our way back with him and his CA61 - Mini Ace. I was thrilled that he agreed!

My brother is a keen photographer (and pilot) and he was excited to try his hand at air to air photography for the first time. While I kept a straight and level attitude he took the following pictures while Dale elegantly brought the diminutive aircraft into view.

Landing back at Krugersdorp on runway 08, I reflected on what had been a wonderful morning. The company of family, friends and enjoying the beautiful scenery below as you slip surreptitiously by. Man I love flying.

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