OSHKOSH 2019 Day One

By Willie Bodenstein and Juri Keyter

Last week Oshkosh apparently suffered a number of rather severe storms, the evidence of which was still visible when we arrived from London on Sunday afternoon. Driving past Fond du Lac Airfield we were surprised by the number of aircraft and campers on the field and reaching Oshkosh we realized why. Large portions of the field were still waterlogged and in the interest of safety and to avoid campers getting stuck access to the field was closed.

Somehow, we managed to get in and after having been shown to our tents we briefly chatted to friends before we got stuck in with posting our RIAT and other reports. The weather forecast for the rest of the week looks good and today was a typical hot and humid Oshkosh day.

We spend the morning on a quick walk through to see what is new and to plan the rest of our week.

The afternoon's airshow kicked off in typical Oshkosh fashion with a mixture of civilian and military displays which today included a number of new teams.

Camp Plakkersfontein was looking better than ever except from some still muddy patches which will probably be dry by tomorrow. The bar has been relocated from inside the marquee to next to the hut which makes more sense. The chefs were preparing supper when we returned from the flight line.


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