OSHKOSH 2019 Day Four

By Willie Bodenstein and Juri Keyter

Thursday, just when we thought that 'The Year of the Fighter' was just a publicity stunt, this afternoon Oshkosh came alive with a surprise visit by the Thunderbirds and a show that lived up to what make this one of the events that should be on every aviation fans bucket list.

But before we get to the action and important news from a south African manufacturer lets go for a visit to the Sea Plane base, a haven of tranquility outside the mad Oshkosh rush.

The Thunderbirds.

Some of the civilian acts.

Some of Burt Rutan's weird and wonderful machines.

Some of the military action.

Breaking news this afternoon from the Airplane Factory at a news conference held at Oshkosh was that they hope to have the Sling Outback, a high wing version of the Sling, available at Oshkosh next year. To most that may sound impossible but we by now know that the impossible is what the Sling guys deal in.

Sling number 500 has now been sold. No doubt that by the end of this Oshkosh the number will again be higher.

They also announced the formation of a pilot academy to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The Sling Pilot Academy, based in Torrance is equipped with the all new next generation Sling training aircraft using the latest in modern powerplant and glass cockpit technology.


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