OSHKOSH 2019 Day Five

By Willie Bodenstein and Juri Keyter

Friday and we have only Saturday to do since we will be leaving Sunday morning for Chicago and be on our way back home. The last show day at Osh is on Sunday and it has long been a favourite of ours since most people have departed and it has a laid back and relaxed atmosphere.

It was overcast when we woke up today and it was to remain like that for most of the day. Halfway through the afternoon's show, when the real action normally start, it started raining softly. We braved it for a while but with the light fading, we made our way back to an almost deserted camp. Friday is International Visitors day and most of the campers left to attend the international party hosted by the EAA. We, unfortunately are not so lucky as our real work only start once the show ends.

Before we got to the afternoon show we went for a walk through the warbirds section. Because Warbirds are not supported by their original manufacturers, they are classified as Experimental Aircraft and the warbirds area is one of the most popular section at AirVenture.

Waiting for the start of the afternoon show

Afternoon show participants.

South Africans in the Parade of Nations. We finished 3rd after Canada in 1st and Australia and 2nd.

International visitor numbers by country.

Saving our Wildlife-Flying for Freedom


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