Russia in the lead at the 3rd stage of the Helicopter World Cup

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The third stage of the Helicopter World Cup 2019 was organized by the Helicopter Commission of the World Air Sports Federation (FAI), the Belarusian Air Sports Federation and the Vitebsk aeroclub of the DOSAAF society.

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Nineteen teams from Belarus, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Ukraine entered the third stage of the competition that was held in Belarus at the Kukovyachino airfield of the Vitebsk aeroclub.

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The formidable Russian duo of Elena Prokofyeva and Diana Riiazova remained overall leaders in the General Class, despite having been knocked off the top spot during the actual competition. Last year's winners, the equally impressive Russian Masters Class crew of Yury Yablokov and Konstantin Podoinitsyn also retained their top overall position.

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The Belarus home crew performed well, with Alexander Tsenter and Vladimir Striyonock taking first place in the Fender General class and 2nd and 3rd places in the Slalom Masters class.

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As part of the parallel slalom event, the helicopters carried a bucket of water through 11 gates along a designated route while taking care not to spill it. As part of the parallel fender event, the helicopters have to carry a rubber weight and take turns to dip it into barrels placed at different distances from each other.

HWC Stage 3 results:

Fender General class:
Alexander Tsenter - Vladimir Striyonock (Belarus)
Elena Prokofyeva - Diana Riiazova (Russia) - LADIES
Andreyi Baraev - Vadim Sazonov (Russia)

Fender Masters class:
Yury Yablokov - Konstantin Podoinitsyn (Russia)
Maxim Sotnikov - Puajukas Aleh (Russia)
Sergei Tupikov - Aleksei Pintelin (Russia)

Slalom General class:
Andreyi Baraev - Vadim Sazonov (Russia)
Vladyslav Musiienko - Igor Sokolov (Ukraine)
Irina Didenko - Svetlana Gumbatova (Russia) - LADIES

Slalom Masters class:
Vi?tor Degtyar - Petr Vasiliev (Russia)
Uladzimir Buhayeu - Andrei Rogonov (Belarus)
Mikita Laptseu - Vladzislau Kurs (Belarus)

Overall leaders after three stages:

General class:
Elena Prokofyeva - Diana Riiazova (Russia)

Masters class:
Yury Yablokov - Konstantin Podoinitsyn (Russia)

Photo © FAI/HWAC

The 19 crews from five countries enjoyed warm hospitality and a friendly atmosphere during the competition. The full program of disciplines was completed in the R-44 and Mil-2 helicopters.

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