About2Stall training for ultimate bush flying- with CC Pocock

Aviation on YouTube for South Africa by South Africans

Who is About2Stall?

Riaan and Carel, two ordinary guys with an extraordinary passion for aviation. Sharing their adventures through the ups and downs of General Aviation in South Africa. Through a chance meeting of Riaan and Carel, their passion for aviation, Riaan's adventurous drive and Carel's skill behind a camera combined and so the YouTube channel ďAbout2StallĒ was born.

Safety in adventure

We love the adventure side of flying, especially bush-flying in this incredible, scenery rich country that we call our own! Because of this, we often find ourselves flying into off-airport locations like riverbeds and hilltops where safety and skill starts to play a big role.

This brings us to the video we share below.

We pride ourselves on being safe and spend huge amounts of time behind the scenes, preparing for the adventure that lies ahead - and what better way is there to become safer than getting advanced training from the legendary bush pilot and Instructor himself: CC Pocock!

In the video, we take you along on our adventure in becoming Safe, Proficient and more Confident pilots!


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