AVIATION MEDICAL - The Medical requirements of flying

By About2Stall

In order to become a pilot certain medical requirement must be met for the safety of yourself and your future passengers.

So, what is the Aviation Medical Examination all about?

During the medical examination, they test and calculate various aspects such as:- Your BMI (Body Mass Index), Glucose levels, hearing, eyesight and your heart. How "strict" the test is depending on the Pilot Licence you are going for:

National Pilot Licence (NPL/LSA): Requires a Class 4
Private Pilot Licence (PPL): Requires a Class 2
Commercial + Airline Pilot Licence (CPL + ATPL): Requires a Class 1

In the Second video in the series (Linked below), Carel takes you along on his medical examination to give you an insight of what can be expected.


If you fail your Medical Examination, or you are colour-blind, there is still a possibility for you to become a pilot depending on the severity of your situation.

The details are in the video below.



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