Fly, Feed, Love, Inspire- the Children's Flight Orient Airfield

By Willie Bodenstein

Arriving at Orient airfield and the professional setup for the children's flight in our two-ship formation consisting of Rob Osner's Allo III and Charles Fuller's Allo II.

There is no way that one can mention and give credit to all those that were involved in the 2020 Children's flight, so I am not even going to try. However, I do need to say that as was to be expected it was, judging by the smile of the kids, the heroes of the day, a huge success!

The man behind it all, Felix Gosher.

The ladies who saw to the welfare of the children.

Covid is still with us and this was team that sanitized each aircraft after it had landed and prepared it for the next flight.

Each child, before departure underwent a brief medical examination.

Kids who never in their wildest dreams ever thought that Friday would be the best day of their lives, a day they would never forget, a day when the kids realized that there are people that care and that they themselves can make their dreams come true.

In the interest of safety of all on the field, a full complement of safety personnel and vehicles were present for the full duration of the event.

A para drop has traditionally been the opening act of aviation events and the Children's Flight was no different.

The Raptors arrival not only thrilled those present, but also heralded the arrival of the majority of the fixed wing pilots.

By then, the lineup of aircraft stretched out along the taxi way.

The Puma Energy Flying Lions display signaled the end of the display flying and the beginning of the serious business of getting the children into the air.

The main attraction along the runway without a doubt was a unique collection of vintage aircraft that included a Flying Flea, Tiger Moth, Boeing Stearman and Stampe.

Fly, Feed, Love, Inspire the logo says and of those love and inspire are probably the important in the lives of these children that have in some cases been to hell and back. Love: - there was buckets full of it at Orient on Saturday 6 October. Sure, they were fed and flew, but they were loved and inspired and that I think is what counts and what was achieved.

Some of the pilots with the children.

Some of the greatest aviators and probably the most compassioned ones in the country rolled up their sleeves of their flight suits and pushed out their airplanes and helicopters to take to the sky. They and the sponsors that make it all possible are the stars of the day.

Some of the aircraft used. In the interest of safety, only side by side aircraft was used.

That there are still good people in this country and that the spirit of Ubuntu is still alive was proved on Friday. Despite the hardship that Covid has caused to the economy, individuals and companies with a social responsibility came to party and their generous sponsorship made the event possible.

The roll of honour. The sponsors and pilots without whose generous contribution this event would not have been possible.

The Pilots

Rob Osner-Allo III, Charles Fuller- Allo II, Grant Tims and Hilton Wolf- Miushack. Nigel Hopkins - RV8, Patrick Davidson - RV7, Trevor Warner - RV7, Elton Bondi - C140, Derek Hopkins - RV7, Johan van Solms - RV7, Grant Timms - Mushak, Charles Fuller - ALO II, Andre van Zyl - Y018 Gyrocopter, Daniel Ralefeta - FK9, Barrie Eeles - Super Decathlon, Goitse Diale - Sling 4, Ryan Beeton - RV7, Ivan van der Schaar - Boeing Stearman, Scully Levin - Flying Lions, Arnie Meneghelli - Flying Lions, Ellis Levin - Flying Lions. Sean Thackwray - Flying Lions. Karl van Seyldlitz - SF25, Arjan Schaap - Navion, Tokkie Botes - Bell 206, Riaan Denner - SF25, Steve Brown - Tiger Moth, Erin Ormandy - Tiger Moth, Daniel Perry - Same Tiger Moth, Frank Persson - Super Cub, Dale de Klerk - Flying Flea, Beechcraft Baron - Clyde Strachanh.

Orient proved to be the ideal venue and the hospitality of the Magalies Gliding Club was wonderful. Perhaps Felix and members of the Children's Flight should consider making this the home of the children's and its offshoot, the Elders Flight.

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