Dart International Dragonfly Project for Sale

By Ray Rogers

Having had the pleasure of building an AC Cobra and a 4 seat KIS Cruiser aircraft in the past, I found building the Dragonfly equally as enjoyable, but more of a challenge owing to a lack of builder support following the demise of Dart International, the company from which I purchased the kit. Most of the work in building was done after working hours and some while in a rented hangar at Morningstar airfield during the last couple of years.

After completion, I realised that the weight of the aircraft was higher than acceptable for flight with two on board. I attributed this to an overly elaborate electrical system (a retrenched ex-SAAF electrician who grossly overdid it) and an overly heavy engine configuration (namely, 4 fuel injection throttle bodies and the heavy metal hardware for the belt reduction drive). Following this, the empty weight of the aircraft was reduced to an acceptable approximate 367kg (800lbs) on pre-calibrated bathroom scales. It was previously 970lbs.

Unfortunately, owing to a robbery at my workshop, where my tools and also the disposable-type cameras which I was using to record the early build process were stolen, I do not have much of a photographic record of the latter.

These changes, as well as to fabricate a new more aerodynamic carbon cowl, prompted me to return the aircraft to my home workshop for completion in early 2018 - where it has remained ever since as I could no longer afford the high hangar rentals, having retired. The aircraft is now ready for final assembly (attaching wings to fuselage etc.) and once completed and inspected, will be ready to fly.

However, owing to health issues (vertigo) it would be unlikely that I would be passed medically fit to fly it and I am therefore hoping to sell it. The selling price is R400k or nearest offer. No VAT applicable. I would be only too happy to assist with the reassembly of the aircraft in the Cape Town area (at no cost.)

I am a retired Ophthalmologist on the lookout for another non-aviation-related build project. I was in private Ophthalmic practice in Kenilworth for 38 years until the end of July 2018 and a GP for 9 years before that.

Please feel free to contact me should you need more information.

Yours sincerely,

Ray Rogers.

082 738 8255

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