Your First Flight - The Intro - Discovery Flight

By About2Stall

When you first go to a flight school or if you are interested in becoming a pilot, I HIGHLY recommend that you go for a "Discovery / Intro - Flight!

What is a Discovery / Intro Flight?

A discovery flight is a flight that the flight school takes you on to show you what it feels like to fly and how the flight school works. They'll show you how the aircraft works and take you for a fun flight around the block, so you can get a feel for flying and to help you decide whether flying is something you would like to pursue!

An intro flight goes a little more in-depth and although essentially the same flight as the discovery flight, the intro-flight is aimed more towards eager wannabe pilots. During the intro flight the instructor will take you to the local training area and even give you control of the aircraft after which you can make your first Logbook entry!

In the video below, Carel takes you along on his intro flight and shares tips and things to look out for when going on your first intro flight.

The intro flight is a great way to find out if the flight school is a good fit for you but above all else, ENJOY!!