SAC Gauteng Regional and Judges Trophy Aerobatics Bara 2021.3..7

By Willie Bodenstein

Arriving in style

Shooting the breeze before the briefing

On Sunday 7 March the SAC again returned to its roots for the Judges and Gauteng Regional Aerobatics. Normally two separate competitions the two were because of the ravishes of Covid combined into one event.

The briefing led by Chief Judge John Gaillard

Gary practicing his routine

In the early 1980s, the original historical Baragwanath Airfield was closed down, and sport aerobatics was forced to move to a new piece of land called Syferfontein. A permanent aerobatic box was established, and Syferfontein became home of the Sport Aerobatic Club of South Africa. Numerous aerobatic contests took place over the years, with numerous pilots earning their Springbok colours, including Dieter Ebeling, Bob Hay and Brian Zeedeberg.

Bara, today still boast that is the oldest airfield in the country of a permanent aerobatic box.

Sunday and the weather were, except for an almost permanent gusting crosswind that made for some interesting landings, perfect for aerobatics. Twelve of the country's top aerobatic pilots entered each flying a known and unknown sequence.

Some pre-lunch action

The first sequences were flown before lunch and the second after lunch.

Some post lunch action


The SAC calendar for the rest of the year is as follows:
17 - 18 April 2021 Eastern Cape Regionals, Wings Park
8 - 9 May 2021 KZN Regionals, Ladysmith
29 June - 2 July 2021 SA National Championships. New Tempe, Bloemfontein
3 July 2021 SAC Airshow, New Tempe, Bloemfontein
15 - 23 July 2021 World Advanced Champs
7 - 8 Aug 2021 Western Cape Regionals, Wings Park
2 - 3 Oct 2021 North West Regionals, Klerksdorp
4 - 5 Dec 2021 Ace of Base, Baragwanath

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