Basic Flight Manoeuvres - how to turn an aeroplane

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To actually go somewhere you need to be able to turn in the correct direction, so the next lesson will be coordinated turns!

There are different kinds of turns that you learn during your early flight training namely Level, Climbing and Descending turns. Starting off with turns from a level flight attitude and then later combining the previous lesson of climbs and descents with turning. This will form part of your last lesson on the basic flight manoeuvres.

After this lesson, you will be doing more of the flying going forward, so this is a very exciting first milestone…

As with level flight, your instructor will execute a turn so you can focus on getting the "Sight Picture" or in other words where the horison "touches" the canopy and instrument panel during a turn.

It is then your turn to well… TURN!

By using both the ailerons and rudder you execute a turn with the stick/yoke and maintain "coordination" by stepping on the rudder pedal. A good thing to remember is to "step on the ball" if the turn coordinator's little ball is on the left use more left rudder and visa-versa!

After that, you'll combine climbing and descending with turns by adding or removing power accordingly. In the video linked below you'll see how it all works by following Carel in his flight lesson:

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