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Update on Airweek

There are less than 20 days to Airweek - taking place from 23 - 27 April, with final planning in progress, with a programme update to follow soon on what will be happening at the airfield over the 4 days. EAA will be holding their annual convention while the Sports Aerobatic Club will be holding multiple displays to demonstrate the various aerobatic classes. Also planned are balloon flights daily with night glows, paramotors, microlights and gyros in attendance which will be followed by a Speed Rally which takes place on the 27th April. Sling will be bringing a build project for demonstration. Please visit the website for more details. www.aeroclub.org.za/airweek

Registration is also open for attending for those who plan to attend. You can register at this link https://forms.gle/fNu45vALTcrRGzQMA

Those who wish to camp and hire tents, take this link:- https://forms.gle/jHhK9t2PGQvVWSvB8

For exhibitors wishing to book exhibition space, visit the website www.aeroclub.org.za/airweek-events-pg-2 for details and exhibitor forms.

If you have any queries or require information, please email rsvp@aeroclub.org.za

CAA releases a new Safety Newsletter

See link below to the CAA's new safety newsletter 'Skywatch' under the auspices of the General Aviation Safety Initiative, that has valuable information for the general aviation pilot while it is also a good refresher for potential risky manoeuvres and situations.


Training Update

It was common practice in the training industry to write PPL examinations while training for an NPL, with a view to upgrade to a higher licence later. This practice is not covered by the current regulations, and being ambiguous, the CAA has released this General Notice as per the link below to indicate the practice will no longer be entertained and there is a transition period for those in training already in progress. Note that there will be a longer-term plan to revisit this and propose a legislation update.

Writing of PPL Exams with a NPL Certificate

If you are not a member and wish to join the Aero Club and any of its sections feel free to do so at member-renewals-and-new-memberships www.aeroclub.org.za


Greetings fellow air racers! This our 3rd newsletter of the year in the run up to the PTAR, which is less than 2 months away. Herewith some important information: - firstly to announce that entries are still open - please go to the SAPFA website for the entry link.

Date: Friday and Saturday 21 & 22nd May 2021
Where: Ermelo Airfield, Mpumalanga
The fees are as follows:
• Entry Fee R 3 850 per aircraft as the early bird fee (This amount can be paid into the SAPFA bank account - First National Bank - Account No: 62879279307). Fees will increase after 30th April to R 4500
• Membership fees Aero Club & SAPFA R 900 per crew member - to register or renew: - www.aeroclub.blueboxonline.com
• FAI licence R 260 per crew member (Can also be purchased on line on the Aero Club Bluebox payment system)
If neither of the crew are SAPFA members, the total fee per crew is
R 2320. If preferred, this total amount can be paid to SAPFA, SAPFA will apportion to Aero Club the membership fees.
• Additional banquet tickets R 450 ea (The two crew members get a banquet ticket each as part of the Entry fee of R 3 850)
• Accommodation - We have negotiated rates at Ermelo Inn for competitors and guests (see website for details) - please mention PTAR in your booking

• Car Hire - Options for car hire will follow

The race format will follow what was established in 2019 in Saldanha, which has also been successfully executed in the Speed Rally series. Organisation of the event in Ermelo is progressing well. The race committee have conferred and have held meetings with the club and have prepared the proposed airfield layout while also busy getting the necessary approvals in place.

Home Page for PTAR - www.sapfa.co.za/index.php/presidents-air-race (watch this space)
For Entries: - www.speedrally.co.za/event-details/ptar-presidents-trophy-air-race-sapfa-faeo-ermelo

Further details of the planning and run up to PTAR 2021 will be communicated in due course. Your comments are most welcome - chairman@sapfa.co.za

Till next time, fly safe

Rob Jonkers (Race Director)




The competition entries closed on 31 March 2021

Contestants, please note multiple votes from one device will only be counted once and may led to the entry being disqualified.

Vote now for April 4 finalists

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1. The Pilot's Post team will select the 2 best photos submitted every week and add them into our "Midweek Update" published every Thursday morning, where our readers will then cast their votes by simply clicking the link below the photo of their choice.
2. At the end of each month, a complete article will be published on Pilot's Post to include the weekly photo submissions with the most reader votes. Our readers will then again have the opportunity to cast their votes by simply clicking the link below the photo of their choice. The photo with the highest number of votes will then be judged the Winner of the Month.
3. A prize of a set of Chock Norris personalised Aircraft Chocks with leather storage bag valued at R500
a voucher from the Pilot Shop valued at R200.00 will be awarded to each monthly winner
a soft cover copy of the Aero Club of South Africa's Centenary Yearbook valued at R300.00 sponsored by Chapter 322 of the EAA of SA

With our MACH program (Member Awards for Chapter Help), your membership could win you a trip to Oshkosh!
Click on the link below today to renew or join!
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The following events will to take place under the rules controlling the number of people congregating together and are therefore not open to the general public.

EAA Chapter 322 monthly virtual meeting and Dicky Fritz MOTH Hall, Edenvale. Contact Neil Bowden E-mail: neil1@telkomsa.net Cell: 084 674 5674

Steady Climb Fly-In at Rhino Park Airfield. All welcome. RSVP David le Roux 073 338 5200 david@pilotinsure.co.za

15 TO 17 APRIL
National Rally Flying Championships - Stellenbosch Airfield. Contact frank.eckard@mweb.co.za Tel: 083 269 1516 Enter Here: www.sapfa.co.za/index.php/component/competition/?view=pilot or www.speedrally.co.za

Robertson Flying Club annual breakfast Fly-In with a spot landing competition. Contact Alwyn du Plessis E-mail: boeredata@breede.co.za Cell: 083 270 5888

17 & 18 APRIL
Sports Aerobatics Club Eastern Cape Regionals, Wings Park Airfield. Contact Annie Boon E-mail: chunge@mweb.co.za

EAA South Africa at Middelburg Airfield AGM details to be announced

23 & 27 APRIL
Aero Club Airweek at Middelburg Airfield. Contact Rob Jonkers E-mail: rob@aerosud.co.za Cell: 082 804 7032

SAPFA Middelburg Speed Rally at Middelburg Airfield. Contact Jonty Esser E-mail: jonty@promptroofing.co.za Cell: 082 855 9435

30 APR TO 2 MAY 2021
North meets South @ Gariep 2021. Venue: Gariep Dam. Tommie Jordaan. WhatsApp : 0828023221 email : tommie.jordaan@icloud.com

Military and history festival. Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria. For more information bemarking@vdm.org.za

EAA Chapter 322 monthly virtual meeting and in person at Dicky Fritz MOTH Hall, Edenvale. Contact Neil Bowden E-mail: neil1@telkomsa.net Cell: 084 674 5674

SAPFA Sheila Taylor Navigation Rally at Krugersdorp Airfield. Contact Frank Eckard E-mail: frank.eckard@mweb.co.za Cell: 083 269 1516

Zandspruit Fly-In. Limited space. R150 per breakfast and refrsments. RSVP flyem4@flyem4.com. Deon 076 901 7606

Battlefields Country Lodge and Sports Resort annual Fly-In. Contact Dave O' Halloran E-mail: gm@battlefieldslodge.co.za Tel: 034 218 1614

8 & 9 MAY
Sport Aerobatics Club KZN Regionals Ladysmith Airfield. Contact Annie Boon E-mail: chunge@mweb.co.za

22 MAY
A gathering of Chipmunks at Springs Airfield. We invite all to join the celebration at Springs Airfield. The ERFC will be hosting their annual Breakfast Fly-In on the day too. Breakfast will be available for all who fly in.

20 TO 22 MAY
SAPFA President's Trophy Air Race at Ermelo Airfield. Website: www.sapfa.co.za E-mail: Race@sapfa.org.za Contact Rob Jonkers E-mail: chairman@sapfa.co.za Cell: 082 804 7032

29 MAY
SAA Museum Society Airline Collectables Fair - Rand Airport. Contact E-mail: info@saamuseum.co.za Cell: 076 879 5044

28 TO 30 MAY
RC Jets over Utopia. For more information contact Dave 082 455 1071 or Clint 082 894 2068

30 MAY
Fly-Mu breakfast Fly-In and music festival at Springs airfield. Contact Fanie E-mail: ansan@tiscali.co.za Cell: 083 789 5507


Seventy-five years after its first flight on the 22nd of May 1946, the 'Chippy" is still loved by many. Taking inspiration from the Chipmunk Appreciation Society, we're putting together a gathering of Chipmunks and other beloved Dehavilland aircraft.

We invite all to join the celebration at Springs Airfield on Saturday, 22 May. The ERFC will be hosting their annual Breakfast Fly-In on the day and breakfast will be available for all who fly in.

Chipmunk and other DeHavilland aircraft will congregate in front of the Classic Flying Collection main hangar.

Please be advised that Covid rules apply. Please keep everyone safe.


The maiden flight of any new product is such an amazing and exciting occasion. Imagine the rewarding feeling if everybody involved can be in the cockpit for that first take off… that ultimate moment for the design team.

It was a bold step, but JS evaluated the risks and decided that the time was right to share these emotions real time with the world. “You have to trust your design team and your flight crew as nothing may go wrong. Suddenly a new dimension is added to the flight.”


The Kodiak 100 Series III is a new but continuously refined airplane. Unlike competitors that were designed decades ago, the Kodiak 100 benefits from the latest advances in engineering and technology. The result is an increasingly safe, comfortable and efficient airplane. The Kodiak 100 Series III marks the next generation in improvement of this remarkable aircraft. Safe, reliable and modern - it is in a class of its own.

New to Series III is the optional GWXTM-75 Weather Radar. Displaying more colour intervals than traditional four-color radars, the Doppler-enabled GWX-75 radar helps take the guesswork out of real-time weather tracking and analysis.

Standard features, like the Garmin G1000 NXi, AOA, SurfaceWatch, Chartview, Synthetic Vision, GFC700 Autopilot with full envelope protection and level mode provides enhanced situational awareness and an increased margin of safety. Add to this the reliable and powerful PT6-A turboprop, our unique discontinuous leading edge wing design that makes the plane resistant to stalls and our high, sturdy landing gear built for the most demanding backcountry operations.

Every new Kodiak 100 Series III comes with a beautifully designed and rugged interior with all of the amenities our customers expect. Our standard Timberline interior offers refined comfort and utility. Removable carpeted floors with non-stick flooring and easily removable Timberline seats make the Kodiak 100 the most versatile and luxurious standard interior in its class. Customers may opt for our top-of-the-line Summit interior with optional tables and cabinets.

In addition to the maintenance package, each new Series III comes with 400 hours of Pratt & Whitney ESP coverage, a year of CAMP maintenance tracking and one year of Garmin NavData subscriptions.

The Kodiak 100 was designed from the outset for float operations with no need for structural or aerodynamic upgrades.

The Kodiak 100 Series III comes with an industry leading program in the utility turboprop category. This program covers scheduled maintenance up to the 4th annual inspection or up to 1,000 flight hours total time, whichever comes first.


The agreement on the modernization and licensed production of IL-103 in Hungary was concluded on March 17 between Ilyushin Aviation Complex (part of Russia's United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) under Rostec State Corporation) and the Hungarian company Aviation Engineering Zrt. The signing ceremony took place in the presence of Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Oleg Bocharov and counsellor, Deputy Ambassador of Hungary to the Russian Federation Laszlo Vida. The document was signed on the Russian side by the First Deputy General Director of UAC, Managing Director of ILYUSHIN Sergey Yarkovoy and on the Hungarian side by the General Director of Aviation Engineering Zrt. Laszlo Boros.

The parties agreed to work together to develop and manufacture an improved version of the IL-103 light multipurpose aircraft at the Aviation Engineering production facility located in the Hungarian city of Pecs.

The new IL-103 will be a modernized version of the previously operated four-seat single piston engine passenger aircraft. It combines effective aerodynamic characteristics, a comfortable spacious cabin, reliable engine and modern avionics. The aircraft can be operated in any climatic conditions, including on short and unpaved runways. It comes with the capability for hangar-free storage.

As part of the contract, it is planned to convert all existing design documentation to digital format and modernize the aircraft to make it suitable for successful entry into the general aviation market. The existing type certificates will undergo major changes based on the results of ground and flight tests of the upgraded version of the IL-103.

The modernized IL-103 will be a universal platform, acting as a basis for various versions of the aircraft that can be produced at the request of the customer, including: training aircraft, aircraft for private use and tourism, transportation of those in need of emergency medical care, transportation of passengers and small cargo to hard-to-reach regions, environmental monitoring, patrolling and agriculture.

The IL-103 aircraft modernization project in cooperation with Hungarian partners will become an example of the export of Russian aircraft-building technologies to a European country. It allows the project participants to acquire new competencies and enter new markets with the improved aircraft.


After more than one year since the last tradeshow event, Piper Aircraft is excited to announce that it will exhibit at the 2021 SUN 'n FUN International Fly-In & Expo, to be held in Lakeland, Fla. April 13-18. Piper's presence will be appropriately sized and will include the implementation of several safety measures designed to protect the health of attendees as well as the Piper team.

Piper's static display will include the new M600 SLS with HALO safety system featuring Garmin Autoland, as well as foundational products from the trainer line-up - the Piper Seminole and an Archer from ATP. Attendees will notice the lack of an enclosed space and a focus on open, fresh air spaces. Additionally, the use of facemasks, social distancing signage and a hand sanitizer station with temperature reading capability will be the new standard. Product brochures will be available via download using QR codes and regular cleaning of hard and soft surfaces will take place throughout the day. The Piper exhibit will be in the manufacturers' display area, along the walkway to the announcers stand in the northernmost exhibit area just south of the runway, MD-24C-MD-25B.

“The team has put much thought into developing standards and best practices to enable us to physically participate at industry events while still facing a pandemic”, said Ron Gunnarson, VP Sales, Marketing and Customer Support. “Given our commitment to safety and the measures that we are implementing, we feel confident that being present at Sun-n-Fun is the right choice. We are eager to spend time with our owners, vendors, as well as the many aviation enthusiasts who attend this event.”


The C-17 Globemaster III is the newest, most flexible cargo aircraft to enter the airlift workforce. It is capable of rapid strategic delivery of troops and all types of cargo to main operating bases or directly to forward bases in the deployment area.

This incredible aircraft is designed to have the ability to airdrop 102 paratroopers and equipment.

The design of the aircraft allows it to operate from small airfields and it can take off and land on runways as short as 3,500 feet and only 90 feet wide. Even on such narrow runways, the C-17 can turn around using a three-point star turn and its backing capability.

How did the C-17 Globemaster III get its nickname? “The Mighty Moose” is a nickname bestowed on the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III by its military aviation end users. The name came from the sound it makes during refuelling as the wing vent ports make a distinct moose call sound. It's also fitting because it's a giant workhorse with antlers (winglets).


Bell Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company, announced the sale of one Bell 429 helicopter to Cambodia's Chip Mong Group Co., Ltd. It is the first Bell 429 sale in Cambodia. Chip Mong, a leading real estate, hospitality, beverages, retail and banking conglomerate intends to use the Bell 429 for corporate transport and chartering purposes.

“Our acquisition of the state-of-the-art Bell 429 demonstrates Chip Mong's confidence in the Bell aircraft to serve our growing businesses. This Bell 429 combined with the other two Bell 505s in our fleet will allow us to serve our customers in the hospitality and real estate industry. It will also substantially contribute to Cambodia's economic growth in line with the development efforts and guidance of the Cambodian government,” said Neak Oknha LEANG Meng, group president for Chip Mong.

“We are honoured that the Chip Mong has selected the Bell 429 as their light twin helicopter of choice. The Bell 429's smooth and peaceful ride makes it perfect for executive business travel and relaxation, with ample storage and space for six people,” said David Sale, managing director for Bell Asia Pacific. “Its remarkable flight performance coupled with its multi-mission pedigree make it best suited to the Chip Mong Group's aim of providing exceptional quality.”

With over 400 Bell 429s around the globe, the aircraft has been one of the most successful light twin helicopters on the market since its certification in 2009. The Bell 429 is known for its exceptional speed, performance, range and low lifecycle cost. The aircraft's readiness makes it ideal for a variety of missions such as law enforcement, para-public, oil and gas, and corporate transport.


The Japan Coast Guard (JCG) will expand its fleet with two new H225 helicopters, taking its total Super Puma fleet up to 17, comprising two AS332s and 15 H225s. The largest Super Puma operator in Japan received its tenth H225 in February this year. The new helicopters will join its growing fleet to support territorial coastal activities, security enforcement, as well as disaster relief missions in the country.

“From the first Super Puma delivery nearly 30 years ago to the latest H225 orders, we greatly appreciate Japan Coast Guard's continued trust in our products and services,” said Guillaume Leprince, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters in Japan. “This repeat H225 order reinforces the aircraft's position as a reference in SAR operations and security enforcement. We are proud of how the deployment of the agency's fleet has ensured mission success throughout the years. Airbus will continue to ensure the fleet's high availability, in support of the agency's safe operations.”

JCG's H225 fleet is covered by Airbus' highly adaptive HCare Smart full-by-the-hour material support. This customised fleet availability programme allows the national coast guard agency to focus on its flight operations whilst Airbus manages its assets

Offering the industry's best range, speed, payload and reliability in the 11-ton-category twin-engine rotorcraft, the H225 is the latest member of Airbus Helicopters' Super Puma family that has accumulated more than 5.7 million flight hours in all-weather conditions around the world. Equipped with state-of-the-art electronic instruments and renowned autopilot precision, the H225 offers outstanding endurance and fast cruise speed and can be fitted with various equipment to suit a variety of roles.

Close to 30 helicopters from the Super Puma family are currently flown in Japan by civil, parapublic operators as well as Japan's Ministry of Defence for various search and rescue missions, VIP, fire-fighting, passenger and goods transportation.


The U.S. Navy today awarded Boeing [NYSE: BA] a $1.6 billion production contract for the next 11 P-8A Poseidon aircraft. Nine aircraft will join the U.S. Navy fleet and two will go to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), a cooperative partner in the P-8A joint program since 2009. The contract brings the total number of U.S. Navy P-8A aircraft under contract to 128 and the RAAF total to 14.

“The P-8A continues to be an invaluable asset and these additional aircraft will help deliver expanded maritime patrol and reconnaissance capabilities to the fleet,” said Capt. Eric Gardner, program manager for the U.S. Navy's Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Program Office.

The P-8A is a long-range anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare aircraft used by the U.S Navy. It's vital for intelligence gathering, surveillance reconnaissance and search and rescue. Deployed around the world, with 103 aircraft in service and more than 300,000 flight-hours, the P-8's performance and reliability deliver confidence to customers operating in an uncertain world.

“We continue to hear feedback from deployed Navy squadrons who tell us the P-8A is exceeding expectations”, said Stu Voboril, vice president and program manager for Boeing's P-8A program. “Our focus is on delivering the world's best maritime patrol aircraft. That only happens when teams truly collaborate, listen and focus on customer priorities.”

The P-8 is militarized with maritime weapons, a modern open mission system architecture and commercial-like support for affordability. It's the principal aircraft with the ability to detect and track submarines. The aircraft is modified to include a bomb bay and pylons for weapons. It has two weapons stations on each wing and can carry 129 sonobuoys. The aircraft is also fitted with an in-flight refuelling system.

A military derivative of the Boeing 737 Next-Generation airplane, the P-8, combines the most advanced weapon system in the world with the cost advantages of the most popular airliner on the planet. The P-8 shares 86% commonality with the commercial 737NG, providing enormous supply chain economies of scale in production and support.

The P-8 has two variants: The P-8I, flown by the Indian Navy, and the P-8A Poseidon, flown by the U.S. Navy, the Royal Australian Air Force and the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force. The RAAF has acquired the Boeing aircraft through the Foreign Military Sales process and will receive a variant designed and produced for the U.S. Navy called the P-8A Poseidon.



On March 11, 2018, an Airbus Helicopters AS350 B2 on a a FlyNYON Doors-Off Flight lost engine power during cruise flight and the pilot performed an autorotative descent and ditched in the East River in New York, New York. The pilot sustained minor injuries while the five passengers that were tethered drowned. The helicopter was substantially damaged.
The NTSB determines the probable cause of this accident was Liberty Helicopters Inc.'s use of a NYONair-provided passenger harness/tether system, which caught on and activated the floor-mounted engine fuel shutoff lever which resulted in the in-flight loss of engine power and the subsequent ditching.
Contributing to this accident were (1) Liberty's and NYONair's deficient safety management, which did not adequately mitigate foreseeable risks associated with the harness/tether system interfering with the floor-mounted controls and hindering passenger egress;
(2) Liberty allowing NYONair to influence the operational control of Liberty's FlyNYON flights;
and (3) the Federal Aviation Administration's inadequate oversight of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 revenue passenger-carrying operations. Contributing to the severity of the accident were (1) the rapid capsizing of the helicopter due to partial inflation of the emergency flotation system and (2) Liberty and NYONair's use of the harness/tether system that hindered passenger egress.

Nigeria, Abba-Jille in Konduga LGA, Borno state: A Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Alpha Jet A, with two crew supporting ground troops in northern Nigeria, was reported missing on 31 March 2021. Search operations found the wreckage on 1 April. However, the fate of the crew is still unknown.

Mexico, Hermosillo, Sonora: A Cessna 401 with seven on board operated by a local taxi flight company took off from the runway 23 at Hermosillo-General Ignacio Pesqueira Garcia Airport with 5 passengers and 2 crew onboard. A few seconds later, during the initial climb, the aircraft entered a slight turn to the right but encountered difficulties to gain altitude. The first officer advised ATC that they would return to HMO/MMHO. The ATC operator then coordinated the return manoeuvre. Less than a minute later, the ATC operator observed a cloud of smoke in the distance coming from the wrecked aircraft. The ATC operator notified the emergency services. In addition, help was requested from another taxi flight (XB-HRQ) that was about to take off to find the wreckage site. Eight minutes after the impact, emergency services found the plane completely burned and entangled between power lines that it had impacted during the fall. Four people were found with deadly injuries at the scene, including the captain. Three other occupants were seriously injured and taken for medical attention, but all died due to the severity of their injuries hours later. A prominent Sonora government official was one of the passengers on board.

USA, Grayson County, Pottsboro, TX: A Bell OH-58A Kiowa with two occupants landing in a pasture after losing situational awareness, struck two fence posts and flipped over impacting the ground. One of the two occupants onboard received minor injuries.

USA, Knik Glacier, near Palmer, AK: A Soloy Helicopters H125 Ecureuil (AS 350B3e) chartered by Tordrillo Mountain Lodge with six on board crashed near Knik Glacier, near Palmer, Alaska. Five occupants died while one survived. One of the victims was Czech billionaire Petr Kellner.

France, near Villeneuve-sur-Lot Airfield: A Mudry CAP 10B aerobatic plane with only the pilot on board was doing loops over the Villeneuve sur lot airfield when it nosedived after the second figure and crashed to the ground narrowly missing a dog training site at Rogé, just next to the airfield. The pilot perished in the accident.

USA, McClain County, Byars, OK: A JTB Logistics LLC Cessna 337A Skymaster with the sole pilot on board sustained substantial damage during the subsequent forced landing to pasture terrain in Byars, Oklahoma following a loss of engine power. The sole pilot onboard the airplane was not injured.

USA, Jack Mountain east of Yacolt, WA: A Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee operated by Treetop Flyers LLC with two on board suffered substantial damage during the ensuing forced following a loss of engine power into wooded terrain near Jack Mountain east of Yacolt, Washington. The two occupants onboard the airplane received minor injuries.

Mexico, Nichupte Lagoon, Cancún, Quintana Roo: A XOMEX Transportes Aéreos Cessna T206H Stationair TC with four occupants was destroyed when it stalled and impacted the waters of the Nichupte Lagoon during a gender reveal stunt in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Both pilots were killed and the two surviving passengers sustained unspecified injuries.

Netherlands, Hilversum Airfield: In the early hours of Friday 02 April 2021 a fire broke out in a maintenance hangar, including a residential building, at the west-side of Hilversum Airfield (EHHV) and six aircraft were damaged or destroyed. An adjacent hangar was also damaged. The following aircraft were involved: A Cessna 182P Skylane (destroyed), a Piper PA-28-161 Warrior (minor damage), a Van's RV-6 (destroyed), a Cessna 172P Skyhawk (destroyed), a Cessna 172R Skyhawk (minor damage), a Schempp-Hirth Nimbus-2M (destroyed) while a Aeropro Eurofox suffered substantial damage.

USA, Skyway Manor Airport (T79), Pearland, TX: A Beechcraft B35 Bonanza with four occupants experienced a loss of engine power and a subsequent impact with a tree during a take-off attempt at Skyway Manor Airport (T79), Pearland, Texas. The aircraft sustained substantial damage while the four people onboard were not injured.

Russia, over Siberia: A All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner en route from Tokyo International Airport/Haneda, Japan to Frankfurt Main Airport, Germany suffered warnings of No.1 engine oil pressure and quantity while en route over Siberia. The crew diverted to Krasnoyarsk International Airport, Russia where a safe landing was carried out.


30 MARCH 1974

The first Airbus to fly revenue passengers, the A300 B2 enters service with Air France.

In September 1967, aircraft manufacturers in the United Kingdom, France and West Germany signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a large airliner. Britain withdrew in 1969. However, Germany and France reached an agreement and the European collaborative aerospace manufacturer Airbus Industrie was formally created on 18 December 1970 to develop and produce it. The prototype first flew on 28 October 1972.

The companies first twin-engine widebody airliner, the A300 typically seated 247 passengers in two classes over a range of 5,375 to 7,500 km (2,900 to 4,050 nmi).

Launch customer Air France introduced the type on 30 March 1974. After limited demand initially, sales took off as the type was proven in early service, beginning three decades of steady orders. It has a similar capacity to the Boeing 767-300, introduced in 1986, but lacked the 767-300ER range. During the 1990s, the A300 became popular with cargo aircraft operators, as passenger airliner conversions or as original builds. Production ceased in July 2007 after 561 deliveries.

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