The Ups and Downs of Flying - Climb and Descent - Pilot Training

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Flying cannot just be straight and level, so it's time to learn the literal Ups and Downs of flying...

Climbs and Descents!
No flight can begin without a climb or end without a descent so, as with many things during training, we will use a mnemonic to remember the order in which to initiate the Climb:

After applying power and pulling the nose up, you'll use the increase or decrease the angle of the nose to achieve a certain airspeed in the clime. Then use the trim to maintain that attitude without having to hold back pressure on the stick or yoke.

As with straight and level, find the "touching" points of the horison on the aircraft so it's easier to achieve in the future.

Your instructor will then show you how to level off and, in turn, how to use the PAST mnemonic to initiate a descent.

In my case my instructor, Shamir, also gave me the opportunity to do my first radio call. It's frightening at first, but you get used to it quite quickly!

In the video linked below, Carel takes you along on his flight lesson, learning to climb and decend in a Sling 2 - and make his first radio call!

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