Air show China - Zhuhai 28 Sept to 3 Oct 2021

Compiled by Willie Bodenstein

The 13th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, or Airshow China 2021, originally scheduled for November 2020, but postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic kicked off in Zhuhai, south China's Guangdong Province, on September 28.

A number of high-tech technological products made their debut during the six-day event.

More than 300 companies, from Russia, France, the US, Brazil, Australia and Mexico exhibited their products at Zhuhai. In addition to large domestic aerospace and electronics companies among heavyweight household names in the aviation industry that exhibited, others included Honda, Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Honeywell and GE Aviation.

At the exhibition, Boeing and local partners announced plans to create two new production lines for converted freighters in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. Airbus Helicopters signed a strategic cooperation agreement and a contract with State Grid General Aviation Company to enhance its support and service capability.

More than 80,000 square meters of the 100,000 square meters indoor exhibition area were occupied, while more than 70% of the 360,000 square meters outdoor exhibition area were booked for static and other exhibits. More than 300 corporate representatives attended the exhibition.

The Chinese air force's August 1 Aerobatic Team and the Red Eagle Aerobatic Team from the Aviation University of the PLA Air Force attended and thrilled the crowds during the air show portions of the event.

The C919, China's first home-developed trunk jetliner, made its maiden airshow flight at Zhuhai.

China showed off its increasingly sophisticated air power, including surveillance drones, with an eye on disputed territories from Taiwan to the South China Sea and its rivalry with the United States.

The J-16D, meanwhile, improves the combat capabilities of the People's Liberation Army. The jet has wingtip pods to disrupt enemy electronic equipment and has drawn comparisons with the US-made EA-18G Growler.

Others included a new high-altitude reconnaissance drone, WZ-7. The Y-20 heavy transport aircraft and other major battle equipment were also displayed at the show.

A long queue lined up at the booth of the China National Space Administration (CNSA). The booth has, since the opening day, been an extremely popular part of the exhibition. Lunar soil, together with the Chang'e-5 re-entry capsule and the sealed container that brought the lunar soil back to Earth, attracted thousands of visitors every day. When China's first Mars rover Zhurong landed on the surface of Mars, China became the second country after the United States to operate a rover on the red planet.

The Airshow China is a platform for global companies to cooperate with China, an open aerospace power and the world's second-largest civil aviation market with strong post-pandemic prospects.

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