About2Stall - Spiral dive, stalls and turns

By About2Stall

Student pilot 10-hour check


After you have successfully logged around 10 hours, it's time for your first dual check!

Dual checks are "check flights" you do every 10 flying hours during your training. These dual checks are flown with a Grade 2 or higher flight instructor and the purpose of the check flight is to see whether your instructor is doing his/her job!

Initially when I heard that I'll be doing a dual check, I thought that the instructor would be testing my knowledge and skill. But I was wrong. It's merely to see if your instructor covered everything you need to know up until this point and to find out if they taught you correctly.

Some of the flight manoeuvres you'll be flying include: turns, climbs and descents, also included are HASEL checks, stalls, spiral dive and - depending on your dual check instructor - you might even get an
unexpected engine failure!

Linked below is the video following Carel's first 10-hour dual check flight.