A brief history of the B-29 Pacusan Dreamboat

By WillieBodenstein


The Pacusan Dreamboat was a lightweight variant of the B-29, intended for operation at lower altitudes built at Marietta, Georgia by the Bell Aircraft Corporation. It did not have the four power gun turrets and their .50-caliber machine guns. A radar-directed 20 mm cannon and two .50-caliber machine guns in the tail were the only defensive weapons. Much of the standard armour plate was also removed and the Pacusan Dreamboat was further lightened. The tail guns were removed and the tail reshaped.

From 4 to 6 October 1946, this B-29 with Col. Irvine and his crew made an unrefuelled non-stop 9,500-mile flight from Honolulu to Cairo, Egypt, over the Arctic regions in 39 hours, 36 minutes. The route was chosen for its hazards of winter weather and complicated navigation and communications problems.

Colonel Irvine and the crew also set a record, flying from Burbank, California to overhead Floyd Bennett Field, New York, in 5 hours, 27 minutes, 8 seconds. The average speed for the 2,464-mile flight was 450.38 miles per hour (724.82 kilometres per hour). They were involved in several other record-breaking flights including Guam to Washington, D.C.

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