Aero Africa Expo Wonderboom Airport 2023

By Rian Bester


Africa's largest general aviation trade show took place last week at Wonderboom National Airport in Pretoria and despite the cold weather attracted more visitors than the 2022 event which welcomed over 3,500 visitors with 72 exhibiting companies across 5106sqm.

Like last year AERO South Africa again featured an engaging workshop programme that covered amongst other tropics, careers for women in aviation, skills development, General Aviation Safety Strategies, and various product launches.

Especially popular was the business-to-business matchmaking opportunities and the various workshops. Various speakers provided the general aviation community with news of the latest developments in the general aviation industry as well as the chance to promote their new products. In between the talks there were opportunities to see various flight demonstrations by some of the exhibitors.

Another of the main focuses of the Aero Expo is providing information to the public that would be of interest in starting a career in the general aviation industry. Flight schools were there to answer questions, share their expertise and their training facilities with the ever-enthusiastic public and sparking the interests in young people that are possibly considering aviation as a career. Aero is also the ideal opportunity for flight schools to reach out and engage the various youth development programs that are promoting aviation as a career path for young people today. There were also opportunities for visitors to view the huge amount of aviation study material available to them for their aviation journey.

The cream of the crop of aviation related companies could be found at Aero. The likes of Century Avionics and Aeronautical Aviation that showcased the latest developments in the avionics sector. The development of avionics from the old school analog instruments to the now Multi-function Displays are now becoming a more common sight in most aircraft. Aeronautical Aviation was awarded with the Garmin dealer of the year award and Century Avionics was awarded with their Platinum Award for Elite Performance for 2021 and 2022 from Garmin.

Another area of aviation that is currently on a huge growth tangent is the Drone industry. From basic hobbyists to the professional drone pilot, there was something for all. Training, flight services and the latest developments in the drone industry. As with all thing's aviation, nothing comes without a cost or a risk. Aviation financing for the aviator looking to purchase his new dream and then insurance for his new dream. They were there to advise and share their services that they provide for everyone in aviation.

Aero Africa without a doubt has filled a niche in the aviation market and has now become a regular not to be missed event on the aviation calendar.

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