Tedderfield Spring Fly in Saturday 2 September 2023

By Willie Bodenstein

Saturday was a pleasant early spring day when I left Jozie for the short drive to Tedderfield for their annual Spring Day Fly in. Initially there was very little wind but arrivals were rather slow which I suppose was to be expected as it was probably one of the busiest weekends on the aviation calendar. To top it all gusty winds were predicted for later in the morning and afternoon.

The new month started off with the now regular and already legendary Children's Flight, the brainchild of Felix Gosher. Again, held at Orient Airfield on Friday the 1st five hundred children were taken for their first flights in the 'Love, Feed, Inspire' initiative.

Tedderfiled, lodged between The Children's Flight and Sunday's Rand Airport Airshow was a delightful fly in that may not have attracted as many as was hope for but those that where there really enjoyed themselves, tucking into the boerie rolls and coffee and proving again that numbers may count but that is the meeting of old friends and camaraderie that matters most.

Predicted high gusty winds did play a large role in the low numbers and most of the visitors left early. As I am typing this the wind is howling outside my place a few blocks from Eastgate Shopping Centre.

To Alan Stewart and the delightful ladies at the lovely clubhouse thank you for your hospitality.

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