A brief History of the First Midair Collision

By Willie Bodenstein



The first recorded collision between aircraft occurred at the "Milano Circuito Aereo Internazionale" meeting held between 24 September and 3 October 1910 in Milan, Italy. On 3 October, Frenchman René Thomas, flying the Antoinette IV monoplane, collided with British Army Captain Bertram Dickson. Thomas rammed the Dickson´s aircraft, hitting it from the tail side.

Fortunately, both of them survived the crash, however Dickson´s injuries were so serious he never flown again. There are no data about the aircraft, but given the materials they were made of, we can presume both were damaged beyond repair.

The first fatal collision occurred in Douai, France, on 19 June 1912. Captain Marcel Dubois and Lieutenant Albert Peignan, both of the French Army, crashed into one another, killing both pilots.

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